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All the people of this world can transmit their thought to all the people of this world, such a chance is being given to us. What a beautiful it is !

We will use the chance fully for this world with the pioneers appreciated heartily !

Internet must play the part of the leader in all the fields in the future. Politics, Economy, Art, Amusement, and so on, it will permeate to every corner of the life. Each can speak to this world, and The people's independence control is done politically economically, Politics, Economy, Art, Amusement, Life, and so on, the each Internet assembly will be managed by the people who was exposed in more information and is used. The use is left to the person's free judgment, and the exchange of the information is done easily at the time of emergency naturally or at the normal life, likewise. For example, a farmer can get easily with wheat taken the information of tomorrow's weather or the wheat price, and the information of his wife condition in the hospital above all. And the various information which he got are transmitted to other people on the Internet and are used. Information manipulation for the minor people cannot be done perfectly, and the system which controls small more the damage by the crime is ready. The Internet opens to all the people from the children to old women and serve to the people with each environment, and it will construct the world that an individual and an individual, an individual and whole support and help together. What is good thing for us now ? What should we do now ? Internet will tell us the hint abundantly.


A person is indifferent to things that he isn't interested.

But, once, we make it a rule to repent, My goodness!

We should have heard it well !

A first, what we must do is to pull out the stuck arrow.


The confirmation that believeing is the foundation of this world.

It is a lie that I believe it because it is unreasonable. A person can believe only a rational thing.

A person
believes a bread to eat now,
believes a water to drink now,
believes an air to inhale now.

The bread is a bread to buy always,
the water is safe water though it has some smell, that is sent from the Waterworks Bureau,
the air is safe though it is a little dirty.

There is not so dangerous a thing as to believe a blind leader or the leader controlled in selfish ambition.

And, that is more dangerous is his believeing idea !

The failure could be avoided if it was known more.

The failure which is irrevocable.

Don't judge the things without an effort of trying to recognize it properly.

Because it was neglected, how many tragedies were devoted !



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