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the highest predominance

the life class the strife of good and evil

small good and big evil


birth and death

What will there be anything except the acts of altruism for the whole of the life which contains the life being eaten, as the standard of the predominance of the life liveing by eating other life?

Creation toward other life registers in one's mind the delight of the life.

Destruction toward other life registers in one's mind the pain on the life.

Nothing is formed from nothing.

Therefore, there is neither the begining nor the end of the world.

Therefore, the earth revolves round the sun with the rotation itself, and

the daytime and the night are repeated.

Then, "I" who was registered in my mind the delight and the pain

repeat the birth and the death, too.

Nonthing is created in the repetition.

But, will there be anything which is not a repetition in this world ?

Life creates various things by useing the repetition.

All things change with the repetition.

one more, lita




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