battlefield 1

I am killed, if I don't kill it.

The fellows are less than vermin !

Though vermin suck only my blood at most,

But, the fellows deprive my life.

As a person makes a fuss only stabbed by a mosquito,

I must kill them, as soon as find them...

I am not off my guard to their children and wife as well.

Because they lead to fellows, my life is dangerous.

This is a war !

The fellows all are my enemy !

When corners are cut, they are my enemy who deprive my life securely !

If they are my enemy less than vermin,

I can cut even their neck laughing.

It seems that they are human shape, but they are lower-ranking than the vermin.

Why, I must be afraid, as I kill the vermin.

I don't kill a human being,

I kill a vermin !

Why, I must be with an unsteady hand !

Look to me! I can laugh because I have a reserve.

All my mates are laughing too.

Look here, aren't they vermin, they are?

Aren't they human beings...

Every one, your faces have a cramp !

(But, nothing will need to kill civilians...)

They are the vermin which have intimate relations with our enemys !

Why, we must hesitate it !

Look here, all are laughing !

You ! your face have a cramp !

You !

You, foolish !




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