Birth and death

There is the world just as you can see even if a cockroach in front of your eyes is dead.

There is the world just as you can see even if your friend in front of your eyes has become bones with his death.

For all that, will you be able to say that they are dead in the same world which you could see with your life from outside if you are in the dead cockroach and your friend side ?

The time and the space(the world) is relatively, and it is known that the world changes if the position changes.

Therefore, the position of death must be in the world which is quite different from the position of life.

The mind of the life will become the transfiguration of the life so that the body of the dead life may become "the transfiguration of the life"(matter), too.

If all is in the repetition, the birth and the death of the life must be in the repetition, too.

The probability that the life becomes nothing when it died is very low even if it is seen from the grade of present science.

Of course, though the definition of the "life" becomes a problem.

Likewise, the probability of the thing that the self that you say "I" was born from nothing is very low, too.

The simulation of the birth and the death of the life will be made a picture by the computer that is good at the probability some day.

It must be the future when it isn't far.





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