The highest predominance

It was understanded that a life is the highest predominance.

However, which is probably more predominance a human being or a water flea ?

Which is more predominance the human being that killed one hundred people or a water flea ?

Which is more predominance the human being that killed one million people or a grain of the sand ?

Still, is the human being in the more predominance ?

Such a human being has to have pain and become lower than a water flea or a grain of the sand.

What is more predominant thing ?

What is the standard of predominance ?

Predominance is based on the act.

The highest predominance is the life which does the highest act.

What is the highest act ?

It is to help all life.

The helping is necessary to know the method.

Therefore, the highest life must have the highest wisdom and knowledge.

Where is such a life in ?

The highest life inheres in all the life so that life may inhere in the universe of the matter as well.

If the environment conforms to the condition, the highest life appears from the life so that the life may be born from the universe of matter as well.

In other words, the highest predominance is your highest life that always appears in yourself, if the environment conforms to the condition.

The world is the figure of the transfiguration of the highest life.





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