Let's sprinkle salt !

on the "slug" of the human !
Let's sprinkle salt of "speech" on the "slug" of the human who praises war and destroys life. These human being who want to show themselves large have the certain "pride", and they can kill calmly several hundred people or several million people in the benefit of that their "pride", and by only they put their whole soul into the desire that they want to leave the name of themselves in the certain "history" (of themselves or of their society or of their world), they admire the big some thing very much such as a big empire, a big king, a cabinet minister, a noble, a general or a decoration, and so on, and because they watch only the top, they despise the populace, despise the masses, despise the life, and they trample underfoot them, and use them as a tool, and they mistake for the attribute of the life such as "pride", power desire, successful desire, self-appearance desire, and so on, which exist as ""-hou ben-(expedient) of the life(human) as a "purpose" of the life(human), and they are taken prisoner them, and they are the bigotry persons who don't try to notice it at all though they keep to give trouble to us for it, and these persons destroy life, and destroy human being, and destroy our state and destroy our world. These persons surely have their ideology, their idea, their religion which are interpreted conveniently for them by the changing in quality of means(purpose) (pride, self-appearance desire, etc) on their mental base, and when they cannot discriminate to their "illusion depend on their desire" that they want to be great or want to be different upper than others, they cannot understand other's "pain", and both themselves and others are destroyed together. Nothing is so dangerous as to be paralyzed the sense of the "pain", and because they don't feel "pain", they don't notice the destruction of the life. There aren't the human attribute that can exchange for the human destruction, and if you kill a person for your "anger", you are "evil" even if you are made allowance. In the first place, what is the "pride"? What is the racial "pride"? What is the Japanese "pride"? Japanese "pride" is the industry, the magnanimity, the courageousness, the plentiful sensibility for the nature,,,,and so on, and these virtue aren't limited to the Japanese or the specific race, and these all are the human virtue, and in these, the virtue which makes beautiful the destruction of the life or the human is nothing. If there is the difference, it is only the size of the tendency of these virtues(if you want to know the true "pride" of the human, please read this "lita" thoroughly. Specially, refer to "human being"). Then, what is their "pride" that they say? Their "pride" that they say is only the "illusion depend on the desire" that they want to be upper or greater than others. The "predominance" of the life is base on the "act" of the life. Toward the fellows who make beautiful the big destroyer(war criminal) of the life, having the human "pride" in the true meaning, let's get angry very much, hate very much, bear a grudge very much and impeach very much! They diminish and disappear like the salten"slug" by the quantity of our voice(salt) such as our anger, our hatred, our grudge, our impeachment, and so on. How much painful the pain of the "slug" which is sprinkled the "salt" and is disappearing,,,. Though it's poor, it can't be helped at that time. And, please never you sprinkle salt on a true slug. Because they do their "duty" very well.







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