Let's say clearly !

that the human being who makes the destruction of the human life as his means is a "terrorist"(murder) !
Even if he believes in Marx, even if he believes in Nietzshe, even if he is the extreme left or right, even if he say the name of any God or Buddha, the human being who makes the destruction of the human life as his means is said as a "terrorist"(murder). In other words, he is the "terrorist"(murder) who uses the name of Marx, Nietzsche, God and Buddha. We must put a stop the act against the "terrorist"(murder) as a life firmly. The best good's way that the life puts a stop the act of the destruction of the life is that the life(we) don't give an "offering" to them as a life. Why can the life(we) bring up the life which destroys the life(us)? Why can we cooperate with the "terrorist"(murder) who kills us? Of course though they make an effort to keep to live only themselves(but someone ruin themselves at that place in them), as the human who destroy the human, they will ruin themselves for the inconsistency after all. And, because it seems that the true "terrorist"(murder) feels a pleasure to be said as "terrorist"(murder), we will add the word of the "terrorist"(murder) on their name. If they say it's wrong and gets anger, and if its anger is a real thing, they will attempt the honor recover that they go to law court for the libel. And, if they insist on that it is wrong now though it was so ago, let's have the proof shown. The proof is the existence of an apology and an atonement against the act ago, and it is to pay back the debt with its interest, and if it doesn't have done by them, they are "terrorist"(murder) very well in the present. Even in performance, with the raised money, instead of making a roof for yourselves, getting wet through, buy medicine to the children who fall seriously ill ! Make the school for the children who have no school! Dig wells in the desert! Then, do the "best good" act more than anything else! And, continue the performance until being said that "that's enough for us already"! If it can't be done, let's say clearly! you are "terrorists"(murders) who are big liar!







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