Where have you gone !

the great nation of the mind, India !
Had the fort of the Indian culture already been destroyed completely? Doesn't the Indian conscience and their mass communication get angry? It is the country that had once produced Buddha and it is the country of Gandhi. Does the idea of the destruction which disgraces the name of Buddha and Gandhi spoils India so much? The great nation of the mind, where have that Indian who are bright with their bright pupil gone? Do you say that all pupil of Indian have completely become the dull and impure pupil of the destruction? Is nobody the person who interprets their idea in the best good interpretation? Do you say that nobody is but the destructive person(evil) for keeping destroying the creative person(good)? Do you betray the best good and run to the worst evil? Is Indian mind sick so much as it doesn't notice that Indian pride is disgraced and lost? The place to arrive at by the choice of the destruction is only the destruction. We must choose creation(good) to stop destruction(evil)! A destructive person makes up a just cause without limit. Our world has already feel a pain. Why don't you notice the destruction of yourself after the pain, and why do you intend to destroy yourself? Do your mind have been paralyzed like that so much? One time, in Japan and Germany, it had been just a little pain and destruction(mind) at the start. But, because we had done nothing to it, before we know, we had had that serious disaster and that big destruction. We don't forget that the explosion of the atomic bomb fifty two years ago was not the end of the last world war, it is the fuse of the start of the next serious disaster. We don't forget that the explosion of the atomic bomb of the serious disaster is the degree of the mere fuse of the next serious disaster. The big destruction which will range of this Indian choice before we know is not the comparison of the last world war, really, it will become that "bad dream" of the Armageddon if we do nothing! Now at once, our world should choose the best good decisively!







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