Under the pretext of the state's debts, raising much money that the nation has to take over the debts to sooner or later and which is without capitals, robbing them fakely, growing stout by it, the degree of bad smell of the -ka wa ya sei ji-(the politics of Japanese toilet style(the toilet of feces-pot style)) which preserves the relay system among professional politicians and public officers and traders which crowd to the public money(tax, national debt, etc) is the degree of the poverty of politics and of culture of the state, and from the simple relay system of dictator family to the complicated and knotty(if be easy, it annoys them) relay system of bureaucrat and their followers, in the various -ka wa ya sei ji-, specially, the followers(state or public office or public corporation or bank or big business or traders, etc) which deny to open to the public the information related to money are mostly the group of tick-men(sip taxes of blood which is paid by the sweat and which is wanted not to sip) which plot to preserve this fake relay system, and the degree of the bad smell and of the meanness are one of third-rate, of fourth-rate state and culture, and besides, in Japan, old persons who have been paying the public money for many years let pay new public money still more as the expenses which needs to nurse themselves, and both the public money to let pay and the public money become to left over by it are distributed among the fake relay system(from high salary of public officers to the public money been thrown into public corporations, banks, big business or traders, etc, which have some officer coming from bureaucracy at each position and which are carried pickaback on the public outlay, calling that it is things that anyone has been carrying out),,,,, such as silliness and poverty of the spirit and of the culture of Japanese state of -ka wa ya sei ji-.







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