Direct parliamentary democracy

As Parliamentary democracy has the principle of decision-by majority, it is natural that the opinion or the bill of majority partys passes, and before getting angry with the running of the Diet by the majority partys, we should get angry with the existing state of things that such risky system(the system of the running of the state by decision-by majority of the small percentage of nation) is still useing. At the present that the communication tool of the bidirection like Internet, we should immediately make the system that all we of nation can directly join our politics, and therefore we should choose it as the most preferential matter of the public pledge of the election putting into operation the Direct parliamentary democracy(the decision-by majority by the open all nation) with the short-term direct system by the communication tool of the bidirection and making the environment. So, like this, "my party pledges itself publicly putting into operation the Direct parliamentary democracy. If my party's opinion passes and if it can be carried out, the right and the opportunity joining directly the politics is given to all voters, and if you have some doubt to the running of the Diet or its bill which unintentionally attracts your attention at odd moments of busy work, you can cast responsible a vote to it then and there".







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