for the creation century

It is the detestable destruction century, and it is the twentieth century that many creations had all hidden into the mushroom cloud though it is no more than one of their products against other many creations. One documentary opened to the public that the true figure of frogs(Dictator, General, Man of power, etc) played his comedy by big destruction of many others with his big-belly of fame desire and of power lust, which is bare "I" of "human" who was teared his big-belly and who was stripped off his glittering thick formal dress was thrown sincerely. It is the documentary that the verification documentary of Japanese side based on the documentary film of the war tribunal to war criminals of Japanese army that new China produced at directly after the Second World War. But, how shabby vanity the tin decoration had gone and done unreasonable destruction is! Tears that the injured and the assailant and their bereaved family fell out of their eyes have told the precious truth of tragicomedy that "I" of "human" had gone and done. Now also, at each place of world, the tin decoration repeats many unreasonable destruction, and it carries out God and Country and Race, and pretending like enemy's doing, it has God to God, Country to Country, Race to Race, fight calling "holy war", and it repeats many tragic destruction, and it dresses warmly the glittering thick formal dress of ambition(Honor, Power, Money, etc). At this time greeting the creation century, the world to notice the "trap" of destruction and also to liquidate the destruction century, this documentary should opened to the public more widely.







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