It is sick !

the children's heart !
Recently children become not to calm themselves with their heart and behavior in Japan. They are mad in the television and the computer game, and their word and behavior seem to be violently, and since their sarcastic word, nasty word, mocking word, and the tendency of their act which hide their true heart against adults, we can see their sick heart more than adults. Where have children gone who are childish, having a lot of dreams and hopes and who are unrelated adult tricky wisdom? The reason of calm-less of the children and their irritated manner is that the children are influenced by such a environment, and the heart of their teacher, parents and neighborhood adults, too, are sick in the same way as the contents of TV and the computer game. With their neighborhood adults, how much are the maker of the program of TV and the computer game and the manager thinking about their children's future? Thinking about only money and adult reason, looking upon a child's heart as a part of goods like a adult's one, controling it, fanning their purchase desire, won't we obstruct the development of the healthy child's heart? Won't we as the neighborhood adults become the prudentialism with the criticism-less and the irresponsibleness toward from the politics to the environment problem, children's education and so on? Won't we are in the habit of pretending not to see to any problem for our convenience' sake as our constitution? If our healthy heart that can think to be responsible for our children's future are still left, both the maker and the user will "choose" the best good one!







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