Let's make knownI

the truth !
In this age when our "wisdom" develops remarkably and our enormous "knowledge" must be controled, and in this age when the "clone life" is born and with the "atomic nucleus" connected with the "big destruction", cautiously, the new "wisdom" and the new "knowledge" must be controled, we will be careful that it becomes "bad knowledge" for the people all the more that we make known it to the people without the "best interpretation" that the "idea" which was expound to people as the "shift" or the "part" in the age when the people had been still more ignorant. In the age when the people had been known only the world and the universe limited more than now, even if the "idea" was the "shift" or the "part", no, because just the "idea" was the "shift" or the "part", it conformed in the age, and it could lead the people from the "destruction" to the "creation" of the life. But, now, this world and this universe spread out more large, and the people become more clever, and the responsibility of the "human being to create" increases more and more, and therefore, in this age when each of the public must become the true "wise person", we must be careful that it becomes "bad knowledge" for the people all the more that the "idea" which keeps on makeing the public the actualities of the "folly persons" ! The "wise men and women" must make known to the people the "truth" which is "interpreted in the best" for the present age and the future!







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