Let's leave it to the care of !

the weapon to the third party!
We cannot have a true talk and make true friends haveing a weapon. Let's leave still more the weapon connected with the big destruction to care of the reliable third party. Let's leave all muss destruction weapons to care of the "United Nations", and place it under the strict observation. As the center point on the place where there is a muss destruction weapon, we will decide on the place within the circle with a radius of 10 km from the center point as the territory of the "United Nations"(the earth), and will make to keep watch by many "world citizen" taking turns, and will make to abolish all the unnecessary things. And in the same way, let's place all the research and development of life science connected with the big destruction of the life under the observation of the "United Nations", too. The way to shield our earth from the "crazy reason" will be only this one.







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