Let's take part in !

the Euro. With European wish, Euro wish!
The bigoted nationalism is about to gain power. He makes beautiful his state more than the actuality, and makes to be subject the general public, and for making a prey of ""-san doku-(three poisons)(-don-(greed), -jin-(anger), -chi-(crude foolishness)) of a small lot of privileged classes, useing anything a big out himself, for example, God's name or the name of the truth or the name of the state, the influence which is in danger of the repetition of that tragedy again is about to gain power. Let's take part in the European wish, Euro wish of that we never repeat that tragedy again. Never believe in the illusion of the gold-plated state by the reason of ""-san doku-. Nothing is more terrible than this crazy reason who speaks the name of the state. We had been in a fix with how much tragedy by them. Let's pay attention to that the crazy reason is crazy beyond our imagination(he doesn't have sound eyes, sound mouth and sound ears).







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