Isn't cheated !

the founder of sects who scrapes together beautiful "feather" of a lot of truths and who dresses up useing them like a peacock!
There is the man of the divine profession with big pocket(or the professional politician with big pocket) who immediately steal the "feather" of "lita", and who dresses up useing it as "feather" of himself sprinkleing the gold dusts. Their purpose who use the religion(or the politics) as the means of moneymaking is "money", and the pitiful people who are swindled many money growing dizzy a beautiful of the "peacock" also are sure to repent after like the customer been had buy a expensive fake covering by hypnosis-business(fake business useing hypnosis). Both this hypnosis-business and the business of a man of the divine profession(or the professional politician) are the religion which uses a religion(believing) as a tool, and fearful thing is that there is the danger that not only a money but the life oneself or other life is stripped. Like Japanese society, the vague society not to able to say clearly that good is good, bad is bad and not to make sure of it, the fertile soil in which these men of the divine profession(or the professional politician) get all the profit exists abundantly with a fertile soil to make a drug grow thick, and it isn't easy that this poor society in which a good is reflected like a bad and a bad s reflected like a good steals out of the "inversion". The above-mentioned man of the divine profession(or the professional politician) and the man of the divine profession(or the professional politician) whom we suppose first when we listen to it will be probably almost one of "inversion"(even if it is a bad in fact, called on a good, or the reverse). The way of that this "misunderstanding", "inversion" put right is only to have a correct information. Let's open to the public a correct information! Where is the money collected from and Where is the money collected to, and what did it use and what will it use? Mr. founder of sects whose purpose is money surely has great mansion with many riches and many beautys like a harem, or he pretends a poor man with many gold bar in a cache-room, and worse still, besides the gold bar, there are a mountain of arms,,,. Such story is wanted only in a cinema or a novel.







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