Never repeat foolish acts !

A tragedy is often plotted pretending to be a chance. Such is a matter of common knowledge in a strife that spies or trickers make some tragedy instigating the people, and make a dominant position of the strife situation. In this tragedy of Jerusalem, video images of the decisive moment of opposing mutual two tragedies make the situation worsen fanning fighting spirits and sympathy of public sentiment, but, first of all, we should ask the cameraman who took video of the decisive moments about the situation at that time. If the chain of the events that had begun from entering of a parliamentarian of Israel into the sacred ground of Palestine with his "soiled shoes" owing to the "trick" of Israel side, or owing to the "trick" of Palestine side, or owing to the "trick" of someone benefitting by war, or, even if nothing the "trick", anyhow, this choice of Israel depended on these is capable of repeating again the same fault at same place at thousand years ago. That is, there is the fact that, at this place at thousand years ago, Christ expounding "universal God" was put on the cross by Jewish people expounding "God of a race"(narrowminded God), and therefore, on one hand, Christianity expounding "universal God" has prospered in the world as "universal religion" for this thousand years(though there are both light and darkness), on the other hand, Judaism has been in the continuation of persecution for this thousand years(though it is a part of the darkness of prosperity of Christianity), In the same way, there is the fact that Islam expounding "universal God" has also prospered in the world as "universal religion"(though there are both light and darkness), and we should consider them carefully, still more, there is the fact that the tragedy of atomic bomb in Japan is in the result of that the military of "a frog" and narrowminded nationalists carried out Japanese native "god of a race"(narrowminded god) and used it as a tool of war, and we should consider it also carefully, in addition, we should notice that no matter how military power and money power may be shown proudly, so far as the best good interpretation of "God" and the best good act depended on it don't exist, in Christianity, too, in Islam, too, in Judaism, too, in other religions, too, still more, in the country and in the race using the religion and the thought for power, too, the tragedy of the destruction will go on to be repeated even for any thousand years or even for any ten thousand years. The "foolish human" who carries out narrowminded nationalism and "narrowminded God" and who advocates them loudly can see nothing but anything ahead, moreover, can see nothing but anything in very narrow field of vision, and he never notice the "word" written his back, and he hasn't even the wisdom to see it using "mirror". If, by such "foolish human" and the "foolish act", we are never led by the nose, and if "God" of Judaism is "universal God", and the best good act depended on the interpretation exists, that time, Judaism and the Jews truly opened in the world(truly, relieved from "Auschwitz" and truly, are able to gain freedom), and the sacred place of God also opened to all human as the sacred place of God of all human, and we can make it the sublime place by all human's own hands together.






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