2001: A Space Odyssey

The slapstick comedy of the National Diet disregarding nation exists all more or less in all states. Japan also, in the moss-grown National Diet, the moss-grown MUJINAs(raccoon dogs)(cunning fellows) living in the same den busy themselves dragging each persons down as usual. In any states, there are both beautiful things and dirty things, both delicious things and unpalatable things, both rich people and poor people, both good and evil being mixed with each other with the degree of big and small, and changing place with each other, from over limit to a little thing, from big right to small wrong, as a whole, in sometimes, it's some good and some beautiful and some rich, in other times, it's the worst and ugly and poor. Recent Japanese politics, it is better than in wartime, but it is the degree of a little better. And, disregarding the general public, nevertheless, feigning like the general public's decision, they are in discord each other pilfering well to their each side the money sucked up from the general public(their large allowance, their cost to be active in politics and their amusement cost are all tax, political contribution and profits by their title, from the general public). It is about time that they, MUJINA who use politics as a moneymaking tool are shut out. The figure that they, DANI MUJINA(lives uniting with tick and raccoon dog) who keep on sucking sweet juice of politics from a long line with many treasures which bought at the sweet juice in their palaces built by the sweet juice drag each persons down for their political interests cannot change right easily with their nature of DANI MUJINA(sucking the lifeblood like a DANI cunningly like a MUJINA) which is dyed deeply in their bodies even if how loud voice they clamor liberty, even if how proudly they pose to stand for democracy with similar newcomers of DANI MUJINA who plan to get the sweet juice fully. These fellows should leave away their den first of all, therefore, some talent members of the Diet who are much better than they are appear on the stage of the National Diet being thrown into an uproar with catcalls, with hisses, with jostling and grappling. "Black curtain" made a device before we know in front of the platform drops with the sound of "Choi!" of clappers. Just then, from HANAMICHI(the runway of KABUKI) at the left of the stage, DANJUURO(KABUKI actor at the EDO era) of "SHIBARAKU"(Wait a moment)(a title of KABUKI) with the costume of NAGAZUOU(dress of SAMURAI) of KAKIIRO(kaki color), with SUJIKUMA(anger makeup of KABUKI) using rouge and with the wig of SUMIMAEGAMI(a hairstyle of SAMURAI) appears on the stage in a loud voice of "AiYa-! SHIBARAKU!(Wait!)-, SHIBARAKU! SHIBARAKU! SHIBARAKU!". Then the great noise in the National Diet goes silent just like when were dashed water over themselves. He delivers a spiel about their nature of DANI MUJINA of big MUJINA and small MUJINA, then, without any time to spare that they, bad guys scare, he throws out the petty officials(administrators or members of the Diet) of underlings of KUGEAKU(a big villain boss in public office or in the classes of power) with the KUGEAKU bundling all, and leaves with a little parting shot in a hurry like a whirlwind with stepping footsteps sound of "TaTTaTTa". At the same time, the untidy rotten Diet Building collapses down instantly with many dust. After the dust goes down, in our presence, bright green moss-grown CHITEI(Japanese garden with a pond arranging nature) appears gradually, then, a faint sound of water in stillness. In streaming silent time at ease, Chaplin of a pine tree of BONSAI who kept still until now starts his talk slowly using pantomime. "More money than is necessary only send for obesity, for degradation, for hollow and for destruction. True good things often exist in light poor(economical). It is difficult being happiness seeking only economical wealth. On the contrary, the being unhappiness not to be free is more owing to become a slave of desires. Excessive money give back to the nature, and, loving nature, gettig close with nature, we should live in a true freedom using well desires for our convenience(of the will to create)". Just then, on the surface of the waters of the pond, one and one, white and red water lilys start to bloom. Gazing at them with obvious pleasure, an old man who paints heaping up colors of the best beautiful light on a white canvas is Monet whose eyesight fails already pretty. "Blockheads cannot see this beautiful light. They don't try even to look at it carefully. In the dark of the gallery, they are convinced that the gloomy tar colors like mold is the light. For a long long time, as they have accepted the light as true, cannot see this true light. What idle sensitivity they have had from the custom and from the authority! For all that, what a beautiful light this is! This light, before long, must wraps on all the world...". Now, this time, changing the place, on the green open plains of hightlands. At the conference room in virtual plains where people all over the world take part in without omission. Chinggis-Khan of the hero of the plains, as a hero in this virtual plains, tells hotly. "Live as powerfully as this plains. Live freely and unrestrainedly without shutting yourselves up in your room of the machine and the technology. Cover with mud, smell the breath of the grass, touche on the skin of the tree, play with water, fill up fully in your chest with this real serene air". So, we should learn. We never make this real world the material mass. We should study in living nature to live in living life's world. In succession, Dr.Pestalozzi tells this. "We should learn. How much the destruction of the life has been brought on by materialism! The destruction of the life(making the life a matter) is an appearance of the materialism itself. We never give the predominance to the blind matter. Both money power and authority power are the materialism's children. Energy is a matter, and power is material. Intellect, scholarship, ability,,, these are material.". Then, suddenly, black smoke hangs over, and bullets and shells are flitting, here is battlefield. Just sorrowful realities making the life a matter. The realities killing mutually with anger and hatred. At time of peace of mind, human hesitating even to kill a rat, but the same human kills even a child of human due to his anger and his hatred. The destruction calls in the other destruction, and the destruction becomes a easy outlet to anger and hatred, and the bigger anger and hatred are, the harder the destruction is to stop. Anne mutters "what is the way that their anger and hatred of destroied people aren't related with the next destruction? If the comfort of God isn't understood them, as the state directly before the destruction doesn't return to, for working off their anger and hatred, we have nothing but a way to be dealed plainly with the responsibility and the atonement of the side of the destroyers by appropriate third party. And there is an important problem where the responsibility lies. The destruction(and murder) with anger isn't more ill-natured than the destruction(and murder) with conviction(or plan) because the former is often with repentance, but if the result of the destruction is one and the same thing, we should demand first of all the responsibility of the result which exists certainly as the fact. The responsibility of the property and the ability are problems under the making allowance for the particular circumstances, and the place of the responsibility toward the result of the destruction exists always the side of the destroyers even if it is a matter, even if it is an animal, even if one is a baby, even if one is a mental patient, even if one is a drug addict, even if one is a mindcontroled person, even if one is a person under any idea, even if one is a person under any thought, even if one is a person under war and under starvation. And the atonement should be always demanded to the assaulter, the responsibility of the property and the ability should be dealed with in the making allowance for the particular circumstances. For example, the responsibility and the atonement to the result to had subjected a child to bullets are demanded first of all to man pulled the trigger even if he has any object, any circumstances, and they are demanded to the man ranking higher to make him pull the trigger, and if there is a state at the top, the highest responsibility and atonement are demanded to the state, and the responsibility of each property and ability is charged with as parts of the circumstances". But, more important problem is the decision of the responsible person. RoboCop makes an entrance from the virtual future world. "In our world, we have already a system which decides who pulled the trigger. In all important tool being concerned in human's life or death, the registration-link system has been incorporated, and both the gun of which the trigger was pulled and the man who pulled the trigger become clear and is opened to the public immediately, and the first place of the responsibility becomes clear. Because the prosperity of evil is mostly due to that important informations are monopolized by an individual or a few persons, all informations are opened to the public in principle under the principle that the individual information needs the individual agreement. And, from the current of money to the crime records, to the clinical history, to every nook and corner of physical and mental informations, the making all but informations a digital form have been realized, and the gathering of informations, the open or not open, are decided under the confering and agreement of all mankinds. Because the monopoly and oligopoly of powers are fatal in this digital society, depending on that all mankinds manage holding in common the information of all mankinds, our digital society is controled with ideal form. And yet, because evil(destruction) grows thick skillfully, we have made an effort like this day by day to make smaller the damages. Now, all informations we have held in common are in this chip". And, saying so, RoboCop takes out a small thin rectangular cube in his chest. Just then, this time, we enter the vast world in the cube. In the space of dazzle brightness, "HAL2001" of super computer appears with his voice. "I am opened to all mankinds although the huge information close by infinity gathers into me. My works are, for example, the delicate calculation of information, the control of each environment of all mankinds and the management of all plants and animals, the backup to the request from all people owning me, the best adaptability to evil(destruction) from an individual to the region, to the society, to the world, and so on. And the world of only me is prosaic trifle awfully, but, by "I" of human of the will to create, the program of this my world has constantly renewed to develop to the creative world which is warm-hearted with the wealthier sensitivity. Therefore, this my world always 100% depends on the quality of "I" of human programing it, and such has been programed, too. Then, now, I'll put you on this my world". Saying so, "HAL2001" will put our on, that world, will be what sort of world,,,? As expected, that world is the ideal peaceful world with plentiful green,,,? It looks as though, in that world, the trickers, the monks of hypocrites, the dictators, the professional politicians and the rat men of tiny scandal writers may comically appear on the stage on the hand of "HAL2001" as his "KUROKO"(persons with black clothes)(special helper of KABUKI) at any moment now.