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The "army" of Japan are equipped "artillery guns" and "machine guns" !

and it is said that they will convey the "ammunition" of the U.S. Forces !

and it is said that they will kill the "enemy" for a "defense" !

If these are decided and performed, it is a "declaration of war" of Japan substantially !

More and more, ! forcefully, !
with their "faces" and their " follies", !
that traitor ! that "Yasukuni Scatology big excrement regime" !
has drawn Japan in a morass of the evil (destruction) of that "dirty war", "dirty murder", and of that "terror" !

"Most Mass communications" also and "most Talents" also of Japan purse their lips and look on without a word !

They pretend not to notice that "foolish statesman" who does historical "folly" and that "big excrement" (large hypocrisy) supporting them !

Don't dispatch the "army" of "a breach of the constitution" !

Say definitely that !

we follow our "constitution" and carry through the "diplomacy without a weapon" and the "aid without a weapon" !


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