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This "Iraq war" is a " war of aggression" to which the "United States" and "England" faking it's "just cause" and that supporting countries understanding that "fake" gave rise !

The "right of defense" which that "aggressor" asserts !

is like a "burglar" who broke into some house killed the house people and asserts his "right of defense" !

The "Iraq dispatch" of the "Self-Defense Forces" of Japan !

is an "act of aggression" which participates in this "war of aggression" and a "breach of the constitution" !

(like, at one time, the Japanese army aggressed against Southeast Asia looking for "Oil" ! The ""-in nen- (cause and second cause and effect) of that "Administration of the soul of dead persons of Yasukuni" ! )

The "fake" of that "reconstruction and aid" !

There cannot be the reconstruction in a "battle area" !

(In a "battle area", the army doesn't have time to spare for the reconstruction and, conversely, by that battle, the land is destroyed and, even if they reconstruct, by that battle, again, the land is destroyed) !

The "Iraq people" will fairly "attack" asserting their "right of defense" !

even if that "aggressor" may call it "terror" !

Don't be done an "attack" of just "right of defense" !

Don't call in it !

Don't dispatch the "army" of "a breach of the constitution" !

Say definitely that !

we follow our "constitution" and carry through the "diplomacy without a weapon" and the "aid without a weapon" !


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