When we try to do something, "obstacles" surely appear in there.

The true character of the "obstacle" is nearly "desires".

The "judgment" or the "behavior" is bent by the "attribute of the life" such as "desire" and so on.

An "angel" will run away very easily against the good person's ill will and hatred.

The "image" of "Buddha" and "his idea", one side, the "justice" is transmitted, the other side, with the form "obstructing" it, it is bent by the "desire" and others, of the people judging and interpreting to it.

Then, the many "image" of "Buddha" and the "sects" is made.

The above-mentioned things can apply similarly to the "model" of all other "ideas" and so on.

The "trap" to set cleverly.

It makes imitation of the "genuine thing" and it lights up it beyond the "genuine".

For the "money", for the "honor", for the "desire of domination".

It is all the "desire for oneself". It is bend by "desire" and it is believed and keeps flowing as a "poison". It is spoiling the "life" bit by bit.

Because the "Buddhism" is the "idea" expounding and embodying "a life", the "poison" which soaked into the "life" with the form imitateing on the "true Buddhism", is very bad nature.

Some "poison" work upon the "desire" of "actual escape", of "dependence" and so on, and it makes dreamy the "paradise", it spoils the body and mind like "opium", it neglects the act of "altruism" and blocks "a real way" to "Buddha". The "Sutra"(Amitabha sutra, and others) being taken as the "model", only expounds the structure of the "pain" and the "ease" in the "actual world" for teaching easily it people with useing "hell" and "paradise" and the "unreal Buddha"(Amitabha-Buddha) living in there as a "parable", this "transient idea" is being taken as the "model"(the Jodo sect, and others).

Some "poison" work upon the "desire" for "domination", "power" and so on, it makes "Buddha" beyond "Buddha", it turns person's eyes away, it neglects the act of "altruism" and blocks "a real way" to "Buddha". The "Sutra"(Dainichi sutra, Kongoutyou sutra, and others) being taken as the "model" only expounds the "glorious Buddha's truth and wisdom" with entrusting the "unreal Buddha"(Dainichi-Buddha) as a "parable", this "transient idea" is being taken as the "model"(the Shingon sect, and others).

Some "poison" work upon the "desire" for "self-appearance", "knowledge" and so on, with "meditation", it defines "oneself-mind" as "Buddha" which changes every moment by "desire"(though Perfect selflessness, Kuu"Sunya" and others are expounded, they are all in oneself-mind), it neglects the act of "altruism" and blocks "a real way" to "Buddha". The "Sutra"(Ryoga sutra, and others) (as self-mind is taken as a model, though they say that the Sutra as the model is nothing) only expounds the mental attitude of body and mind at first step for going a way to "Buddha", this "transient idea" is being taken as the "model"(the Zen sect, and others).

Some "poison" work upon the "desire" for "haughtiness", "excessive", and so on, it binds by "religious law", it lets be "ashes" the persons for extinction of the "desire" which is the means living, it neglects the act of "altruism" and blocks "a real way" to "Buddha". The "Sutra"(Agon sutra, and others) only expounds the "extinction" of "desire" with teaching the strict "religious laws" to advise the people who indulge in the "pleasure" before showing a way to "Buddha", this "transient idea" is being taken as the "model"(the Agon sect, and others).

Like this, the people controlled in "desire" and others interpret as one's pleasure and convenience the "idea" which "Buddha" expounds with the transient parable for fitting the "opportunity" of the people, they look upon it as the "Buddha's highest idea" and makes the "sects", then they was supported by the people living with the "desire" and others as one's convenience and spread.

These "poison" keep giving society the serious influence without making to notice the people as poison soaking into many generations.

Some people think about only the "happiness of the life after death", depend on "other power" except for oneself, don't try to change "actuality", become "will-less" and "indifferent", in the end, think about only the "death", are living in "pitiful sound of resignation"(the Jodo sect, others).

Some people thirst for "strong power", look down upon week people and others, betray a person coolly, get down by "power", are living in "display showing" always "oneself" great character(the Singon sect, others).

Some people are distant from a person and society, shut oneself up in "oneself world", think regardless of a stranger and the society, whenever they are anything condition, like nature and something except for the persons, are living in "only oneself pleasure"(the Zen sect, others).

Some people think that "a person is originally evil", attach only to the "order" and the "system", cannot trust "human virtue", look upon all "good" as "hypocrisy", think that the "happiness" is in the "regulation of desire", can be achieved only the "reform of the system", is restricted in the "heavy chain" and is living in the "cold prison"(the Agon sect, others).

The biggest fault which is common to these people is in obstructing the "way of altruism" which is the "main road" of the "way to Buddha". Only "altruism" is the "main road" of the "way to Buddha" as a "model". Moreover, the "true altruism" isn't in "almsgiving" and is in "telling the way of the independence".

In addition to this, there are a lot of the "fake religions and ideas" which take the "money", sometimes the "life" away by the "temptation of self-interest" under the pretext of the person's misfortune, gather the "comfortable ideas", set up as a "special religion".

Be not deceived it, be careful it !

There are many that the thing being thought "doubtful", really, is the "genuine thing" and the thing being thought the "genuine thing", really, is the "imitation". The "heart" which is confused and controlled by "desire", the "heart" which tries to judge "good" only the "hypocrisy" and thinking that there is only "self-interest" in this world, the "heart" which tries to judge from only the dirtiest part of oneself which oneself knows best, never believe in such a "heart" ! The thing which such a "heart" is watching is only the "dirty heart" of "oneself" after all.

For to don't fall to the "trap",

First, we have to pull out the "sticking arrow".

Therefore, drawing clearly a line between the "poison" and the "medicine",

We must define the "part of the leaves" and "root trunk" in the "big tree of a life".

The outline of the "part of the leaves" has already been explained.

Next, the part of the "root trunk".

That is to say, what is "the highest Buddha's idea" ?

It is the "Ho-Ke-Kyo"(Saddharma- pundarika-sutra).

"lita's idea" is all based on the "Ho-Ke-Kyo".

Only the "Ho-Ke-Kyo" is "the highest idea" of "Buddha" and the "philosophy" of "the highest life". "Buddha" appears only to expound it. Because "Buddha" is the "embodying person" of "the highest life" living in "the highest mercy" with the "purpose" of the "relief of all the life". "Buddha" expounds various sutras fitting the "opportunity of the people" to lead the people to the "Ho-Ke-Kyo". All the "sutras" except for the "Ho-Ke-Kyo"(truth to tell, all ideas except for the Buddhism are contained) are only the "idea of the expedient", the "idea of the part" for it.

Because it is the "life" which does "the highest act" with understanding "the highest predominance", it is "the highest life", and because the "Ho-Ke-Kyo" is the "idea" expounded it, the "Ho-Ke-Kyo" is "the highest idea".

The "essence of the problem" can be seen better by seeing from the "answer".

"Life" is easy to understand by seeing from the "Ho-Ke-Kyo" like that "idea" is easy to understand by seeing from "a life".

However, the "big tree of the Ho-Ke-Kyo" has the "leaves", the "root trunk" and the "imitation", the "genuine", too.

Afresh, it is necessary to classify the "leaves", the "root trunk" and the "imitation", the "genuine".





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