There are the persons who tell God's name easily.

Nietzsche took big evil upon himself with God's death, and Marx took Judas upon himself with opium, and there are the persons wyo don't try to understand the twe person's thought.

What cruel tragedy was brought because the predominance of the value has been put on something other than life ! There are the persons who don't try to look at the fact.

What is God ?

Is it life ?

Is it anything except for life ?

God is life !

God was exploited for the evil tool for destruction (under God's name) because people kept thinking God a thing other than life, in other words because they kept using God as a tool.

Do you try to bring out God who has become a tool again ?

Nietzsche appealed "death" of God as a tool and Marx appealed "danger" of God as a tool !

In this meaning,

God died ! Religion is opium !





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