Still more, many people and many living things gather one after another at "now and here" in this heavenly woods,

Again, Heavenly gathering begins.

And, at this round-table, still more, being an animated discussion,,,.

"Now, Mr. Kant, do you have what sort of impressions at "now and here" ?"
"I keep up to wish to release mankind from various blunder that the arrogation of spirit brings on, analyzing the function of spirit and expounding both the extent of the application and the limit. And when I see through new eyes from "now and here", the life interprets everything to able to interpret using an intuition of the sensitivity for the most part, and both time and space which construct the world are also interpreted by the intuition of the sensitivity usually, but when we are conscious of it exceptionally, they are interpreted by our understanding, and, at that time, they assume to supplement with each other, and it bears a relation that when time is a form, space is a matter (body), and that when space is a form, time is a matter (body). In a word, the form that space which is a matter (body) changes is time, the form of the extension changing (time) which is a matter (body) is space. And as the relative spirit separates a time-space which is ""-kuu- (empty) as time and space for convenience' sake as a means and as it interprets them qualitatively and quantitatively, both the understanding world which is born from it and the reason world which is inferred are also the world based on the convenience, so that, as the world which the relative spirit draws out is always based on the convenience and has always the limit, it is required at best that a series of spiritual action is in the best good. Therefore, the part of the practical reason becomes important all the more. That is, like the relative spirit interprets both time and space qualitatively and quantitatively for convenience' sake as a means, the relative spirit interprets anything of ""-kuu-(empty) as something of ""-kuu-(empty) using the judgment and the reason for convenience' sake based on the idea of the practical reason, and it distinguishes the absolute law from the relative spirit, still more, by both the understanding world in time and space interpreted for convenience' sake as a means and the reasoning, the pure reason world is made up, and as it(the idea based on the practical reason) tries to be useful it for the realizing of the idea based on the practical reason, "the best interpretation of the relative spirit is the best interpretation of the best God" is the best interpretation based on the practical reason, after all, the substance of the best interpretation is one and the same thing with Mr. Descartes's and Mr. Hegel's interpretation that "the spirit of the unified life called "I" who act(do motion) on the law of cause and effect running through one moment "now and here" eternally, infinitely, so and so"."
"In a word, I of a plasterer have the cheek to say, in short, it seems that, if all world are made by the interpretation at will with the convenience of "I", we should live in the best good acting and interpreting in the best good at best. But, even so, I have wondered for some time that why Mr.s say such simple usual things(reason) being complicated and being wry faces,,,.
Well, Mr. -chi gi-(Chinese Buddhist priest, A.D.538-597), it seems that you want to say anything,,,?"
"Well, I talk just a little, but, the concept of ""-kuu-(empty) is not original of Buddhism. Not to mention other religion or philosophy in India, in Europe, in the Middle and Near East, in north and south America, etc, in religions or in philosophies or in thoughts of the greater part of all region, we can see alike concept, therefore it is understood that the concept of ""-kuu- is universal. Now, when we try to see the following Mr.s's interpretation based on the concept of ""-kuu- from the side of Buddhism(-hon mon-(true gate) in the -hokekyo-) at "now and here", the concept of "Absolute" is expounded as ""-hottai-(truth of law based on -cyuu tai-(middle truth)), the concept of "relative spirit" is expounded as ""-houtai-(truth of spirit based on -kuu tai-(empty truth)), the concept of "the unified life called "I"" is expounded as ""-ketai-(truth of "I" with the body(world) based on "-ketai-(temporary truth)). And, the highest existence of "Absolute" is called ""-hossin nyorai-(Buddha of the highest truth), the highest existence of "relative spirit " is called ""-housin nyorai-(Buddha of the highest spirit), the highest existence of "the unified life called "I"" is called ""-oujin nyorai-(Buddha of the highest "I" with the body(world)), and "the spirit of the unified life called "I" who act(do motion) on the law of cause and effect running through one moment "now and here" eternally, infinitely, so and so" is expounded as the view of life of ""-en yuu no san tai-(perfect fused three truths) which is ""-ittai soku san tai-(-ittai-(one truth) equal -san tai-(three truths)), ""-san tai soku ittai-(-san tai-(three truths) equal -ittai-(one truth)), and, still more, the existence of the highest life following that view of life is expounded as the form of ""-en yuu no issin soku sansin nyorai-(perfect fused Buddha of one body equal three body) which is ""-issin soku san sin-(one body equal three body), ""-san sin soku issin-(three body equal one body)."
"Once again, difficult words are going on, but I of a plasterer can understand it, too. When seeing from "now and here", I can understand it well strangely. I know that it means that if we are in the living that we can be proud very well as human being being based on the reason, doing right, doing our good work, it is the highest our life. This is a common thing truly, and, I can understand the reason very well that Mr.s complicate such common thing clearly in reality if I see from "now and here",,,. But, really, recent would-be scholars and would-be intelligents neglect their studies terribly, and, with uncertain knowledges, they don't verify the truth, harmful or no harmful, beneficial or no beneficial, of these knowledges, and they don't try to look at and to study true good things and valuable things, and they don't criticize(can't criticize them because of not to study them) their own little fancy and gaudy falsehood like old convention, etc, and they accept and trumpet them easily, and as if this were that, to the sea run into the organic mercury and polluted by them, for the inattention to their study and for their ignorance, they explain that this sea has been clean from olden times and has stayed clean until now, and they say there is no cause for concern to the sea foods been caught in here. If, the figure of people and their children who believe the information and eat the polluted sea foods, the person having the true knowledge to it see, shall he be able to be without anger for it? And, to "good things" also, for example, that individual persons of society aren't concerned with another person and the other with their isolationism, and, in the social climate which pretend unconcern to good and to evil(hotbed of crime), understanding deeply the importance to be concerned in another person and the other(philosophy), putting fresh air in the spreading and enlarging nothingness, the fact campaigning positively to transfer the dry society into the warm hearted society, they doesn't try to see, and as it is the thankless troublesome existence to the persons who need the hotbed of crime(the person who want it most is a professional politician or a evil bureaucrat or a badtraders or a religion man of swindler, who are the ticks to sip sweet sap, etc, after all), it is a favorite trick of theirs to erase their existence(value, merits) from the society by speaking ill of and slandering them using the destructive fake journalist, and the feeble intellectuals who swallow the information of slander and who judge and criticize depending on their dirty preconceived idea which sink into their head and who don't notice to try to break down the "good things" still promote it using their loquacity. As if this were that, on the slope of the mountain denuded of trees by deforestation, if leaving it as it is, it is very danger as the mountain crumbles when it is a heavy rain, therefore, people of volunteer are planting many young plants one by one, to that their act, the feeble intellectual who can't see, can't understand, don't even try to ascertain the mountain and the act of the volunteers believe many slander that the developer of the mountain and SENSEI(teacher, master, a designation to apple-polish)s of the professional politician and the evil bureaucrat crowding for the concessions have fake journalist to move for money feed to the world, and, still more, promote it using their loquacity, and if the act which is nothing higher good than this in reality is disturbed, shall the person having true knowledge of it be able to be without anger? A person who has to tell things publicly with his responsibility has to think the truth and the influence, and so far as he isn't a man of power of, a professional politician of, a fake journalist of destruction, who circulates a false report just as he intended, or a bad man or a swindler, he is expected to tell correct information with his responsibility studying and ascertaining it, if he can't hold himself responsible with uncertain his knowledge, things which can do without telling aren't told, and things which have to be told should have the expert who can hold himself responsible tell correctly and "honestly", and so I want to tell mere single word to stupid intellectual(scholar, journalist, SENSEI, etc),,,."
"I am very understandably your feelings. I have been also managing this heavenly woods as a spirit of woods for many years, but this woods also have some rules to have to observe or various troublesome problems for the management. I myself also want to be present at this round table always and want to hear of Mr.s's happy talk and want to make myself heard such this occasionally, but, really, I am also busy about my tasks, especially, the task of keeper at the entrance of this woods is so busy that I can't relax my attention, but, fortunately, as many visitors are all strangers, and as my figure and voice are, instead of myself, to tell the truth, though it is a bad thing, as, recently, there are some good device, when the occasion arises, trusting my figure with the holography, trusting my voice with one recorded in something like RAM chip, I am joining in a Mr.s's talk circle many times like this. Well, I have told a extra topic, but, though I understand that the idea and the act of the volunteers are good, when the organization become big, some outrageous fellow who fill their pocket using it for unjust moneymaking are apt to come out from it, or some opaque things (for example, under the pretense of the benefit of the organization, the evil of inside is veiled or makes affect not to see) are apt to come out from it. And if the good and evil can't be dealt with justice, the idea and the act of good will become dirty. Still more, an important matter is whether there are the righteous conscious of each volunteers or not, and it is an evil that when seeing an evil, saying nothing about it, specially, if there is the matter that the evil of inside is veiled or makes affect not to see in the organization under an excuse of the convenience of the organization, at this time, the good of the organization has been already destroyed, and the organization destroyed the good is already a evil organization, and, anyhow, coming into its own, the inside and the outside of the organization will be destroyed, if it is the organization of big good, as the big good will be lost, it will bring on the big destruction by the big evil organization. The just model is that, in a religious organization that a shameless Buddhist priest who practiced "prostitution" at Seattle in U.S.A. is the leader, in the religious organization that many lapsed Buddhist priests who are more vulgar than vulgar persons have been occupied in the greater part from a long-ago being drowned in the authority and the power in spite of the repetitive appeal by the good sense people, the Buddhist priest of the leader went to court with the case that he had practiced "prostitution" or not, and, after all, he proved in public to be a lecherous DORODORO(dirt like sludge) GUCHAGUCHA(dirt like chewing gum) Buddhist priest with the guarantee of the court by many proofs and testimonies, nevertheless, as ever, he is a leader of the religious organization yet being called Sir. the greatest holy priest, and he is saying that he is expounding good in his lecture. In this way, this is the organization of Buddhist priests of true nonsense hypocritical evil DORODORO GUCHAGUCHA boss and followers. If there are Somebody who want to know the figure of the perfection of the hypocrisy, please refer to this fit model, and one who want to refer to, first, should read -chi fu ka syaku no mon no koto-(about to keep not to berate to evil) in -o kou mon syo-(writing writed catching -nichi ren-(Japanese Buddhist priest, A.D.1222-1282)'s words) which is one of their important doctrine, then, should try to study their unknown black practice and pilgrimage, and, basing on them, should refer to the many data in the court deliberately. So to speak, as a keeper of this heavenly woods for a long time, as I can't have be stomaching it lately, I am excited unusually, but, of course, abiding by a managerial rule of heavenly woods, they who are lecherous boss and followers to make holy orders up will go through the hardships and the pains and the GUJAGUJA(dirt like chewing gum) for some time ranking with their dirty fellow traders of criminals pretending holy orders like them in the city, and when they will appear with their pitiable faces at this heavenly entrance,,,? Listen! once again, we can hear it faintly at this heavenly woods also from the bottom of the hell far under the ground which is far downward from this place that the song of "YOITOMAKE"(name of the music of a shout to mark time to pull up a heavy big log using ropes to drive in a pile) of many ""-o ni-(ogres living the hell) as like always,,,."


This woods of heaven also have,
The hard coldness of winter and
The warmth of spring waited impatiently for the coming,
The heat of summer and the coolness of fall, and
The change of each seasons of the heat of the place has much summer and
The hard coldness of the place has much winter,
Likewise the change of living of animals and plants also,
Doesn't differ from one on earth at all, but,
The different point with one on earth a little,
Only human being,
Although one has some joys and sorrows of one's own,
Even when being hard and painful, one is not hard and painful so much,
Even when being pleasant and joyful, one is not pleasant and joyful so much,
One lives in one's pleasure and joy which arises naturally.
It is in the very natural state that the circumstance of a life brings,
Being surrounded by the flower of that cherry tree,
Having been immersed in the circumstance with very peaceful expression, that figure of woman is
One of the happiness itself.
The woman's name is
Helen Keller.

"I am blind. I am deafness. I am living in the world of darkness and silence. So saying, as these are since when I was soon born, in reality, nothing is compare with it, I can't understand what state that is blind and is deafness. But thanks to all, I am helped by love and sincerity of many people, I can see very well with my blind eyes and I can hear very well by my deaf ears, probably, it may be a certain synergy of my heart and other three senses, I can understand the essence of things very well. Especially, at this woods, all the more, I can understand it, I am thankful for all absolutely. "All", this is essential matter for me at now and I am living being supported by this "all". My world is pitch-dark and silence but, because of the pitch-dark and silence world, I can understand very well the existence of I in the world."
"I came through two gates in this woods. On the one hand, a makeshift gate which is called ""-gon mon-(makeshift, temporary gate) and on the other hand, a true gate which is called ""-hon mon-(true gate). I could grow up passed through the ""-gon mon-(makeshift, temporary gate) and I could know the truth passed through the ""-hon mon-(true gate). ""-gon mon- is the living in the ""-hou ben-(expedient), ""-hon mon- is the living in the truth."
"Like this, Being surrounded by many cherry blossoms, some beautiful smell and a wind of refreshing tone wrap me, my feeling touched the cherry trunk is also one like taking pleasure all together talking with wine, and also when I knew words for the first time, like now, a deep impression bursting with joy goes through my body with feeling to be able to trot around the great wide world, and I have studied like mad, and I can know various things, my world widens more and more, and I can understand very well, at past, at each times, that I was in what circumstance, that I didn't know what things, that I was under the false impression what things, that I was convinced what things. I didn't know that I am a human till I know words, and I am thankful for I am a human, for I am a human as if I am blind. Human! what a miraculous living thing is!"
"When I did not yet know "human", I supposed Miss. Sullivan like very fearful monster. She struck me merciless. Probably, as for a way leading me who didn't know language and who became moreover to some extent large and was rough, there was no method in otherwise. Because, exactly, in the pitch-black silence world, an animal, just a living thing like a big worm which has neither an eye nor an ear and which went on all fours about breaking things on all sides. When I accepted Miss. Sullivan has been since I noticed the monster that thrashes me tries to teach me something desperately. I never affirm either violence or destruction absolutely. But, actually, there are violence and destruction. Why are there actually any violence and destruction that cannot be affirmed absolutely under the reason that a will to create is the will to create? What is pain? Pain is a defensive measure for a life protecting the life itself from the destruction. What is destruction of a life? Destruction of body of a life is matter(inorganic)-ization(making the body a matter(inorganic)), and destruction of soul of a life is ""-kuu-(empty)(state of spirit of life at time of being matter)-ization(making the spirit ), there is pain to destruction of body, there is agony to destruction of spirit, and, to prevent the destruction of the body and the spirit, "I" who am a will to create face of the destruction of body itself with the pain and faces of the destruction of spirit itself with the agony, and, assimilating the thought also to the others, give a name evil to destruction, give a name good to creation, and am going to fulfill the purpose of "I" of a will to create. Miss Sullivan tried to make know the existence of pain of the crisis of destruction of spirit by striking me of human, unlike striking by bullying or quarrel (although connecting in the deep place). That is, since just mental pain is the proof of being the human being who has soul, she was going to make me of the "worm" without mental pain notice by giving the question of mental pain that "why am I struck like this?". This is a thing called ""-hou ben-(expedient) that Miss. Sullivan of an adult performed to me who am a human like a "worm". I passed through the gate of this ""-hou ben- which Miss. Sullivan showed, go into the world of the human being of ""-hou ben-, and was able to go into the world of the adult of ""-hou ben- and the world of the precepts of ""-hou ben-."
"You are a human and differ from any animal and any worm! So, for blind me, continued shooting, Miss. Sullivan. I was just in the circumstance of an animal in about ten years after being born. From a microbe or a worm to a higher animal, there is each difference, but, from the world of only the physiological pleasure and pain based on body to the world of some mental pleasure and pain by accompanying with the others in the very narrow range, I did each appropriate experience as if a human, after the hard struggle with Miss. Sullivan, and went into human's mental nature, into the world of mental pleasure and pain for the first time, at there, I was able to look back upon a life operating of myself till then as the operating of "I" of a life.
"Of course, since all are interpreted with the body of "I" of the human, although the experience does not come out of an appropriate region, the thing called one circumstance near ""-kuu-(empty) is one of the degree that it is just much better to leave to animals and plants, and more important, the wonderfulness of a life called the human contrasted with it is visible emerging distinctly. Surely "I" of a life am far satisfactory in the state of the matter(inorganic), the state of from protein to a virus, a microbe, a plant and an animal, changing up one after another, now coming the stage of human being, interpreting by the practical reason the history of "I" till then and the purpose of "I" of a will to create which can be understood, I am allured from the world of ""-gon mon-(makeshift, temporary gate) to the world of ""-hon mon-(true gate), but, conversely, what is seen from the world of -hon mon-(true gate) is that to world of ""-hou ben-(expedient) of human has weight completely equivalent to the world of -hon mon-(true gate). That is, the dividing ""-hou ben-(expedient) and truth is also for the convenience(""-hou ben-(expedient). It is that it is the same with dividing between space-time into space and time for convenience. Therefore, the interpretation of human never escapes from on the palm of the practical reason. That is, it is that "It is true that both ""-hou ben-(expedient) and truth are also in the interpretation of the best good.". To tell the truth, this passage is the whole of "true world". The true world is the world of the interpretation and it is the world of words. Then, It meens that "just only "I" of a will to create has decided the purpose of the life by the practical reason", therefore, that "I", at "now and here", has decided that "the purpose of the life is the living in the true freedom"".


"And, "I" deciding the purpose of the life is "I" of relative spirit, and it is "I" of spirit of the unified life who act(do motion) on the law of cause and effect running through one moment "now and here" eternally, infinitely, and the law of cause and effect running through one moment "now and here" eternally, infinitely is the law that the law itself become the ""-in-(cause), and, by the relationship with the object(""-en-(the second cause)) called the other, the body(world)(""-ka-(effect)) of "I" has been created from one moment to the next. That is, that law is one that, for example, if there is some law that some thing is created(""-ka-(effect)) by the relationship with some (""-en-(the second cause)), it is the law that that law itself become that ""-in-(cause), and, by the relationship with that ""-en-(the second cause), that thing is created. That is, some thing which is ""-kuu-(empty) is distinguished between the absolute law and "I" of relative spirit, and that "I" am "I" of the unified life who act(do motion) by the relationship with the object(""-en-(the second cause)) called the other under that that law itself become that ""-in-(cause), and that body(world) of "I" equally is the body(world) of "I" who act(do motion) on the law by the relationship with the object(""-en-(the second cause)) called the other under that that law itself become that ""-in-(cause). Meanwhile, because all of some thing which is ""-kuu-(empty), all of that law, all of that "I", is in the interpretation of the best good of "I", it means that it is interpreted in the interpretation of the best good that that world in the interpretation of the best good of that "I" in the interpretation of the best good is created from one moment to the next from some thing which is ""-kuu-(empty) in the interpretation of the best good by the relationship with that ""-en-(the second cause) in the interpretation of the best good from one moment to the next acting on that law in the interpretation of the best good."
"Seeing this from ""-hon mon-(true gate) in the ""-hokekyo- at "now and here" in this woods, it means that it is interpreted in the interpretation of the best good that some thing which is ""-kuu-(empty) in the interpretation of the best good is called ""-myo-(mystery), and that law and that world which is created acting on the law in the interpretation of the best good is called ""-hou-(law), and the system of that law which includes both the ""-in-(cause) of the law itself and the ""-ka-(effect) in the ""-in-(cause) of the law in the interpretation of the best good is ""-ren ge-(lotus), and the repetition between the ""-myo-(mystery) in the interpretation of the best good and the ""-hou-(law) in the interpretation of the best good from one moment to the next creates the world of ""-kyou-(warp, world) in the interpretation of the best good."
"Although it means that, the repetitive world, "I" in the interpretation of the best good interpret in the interpretation of the best good as the world in the interpretation of the best good, certainly, this actual world based on the convenience of "I" in the interpretation of the best good just has just good lightness and just good warmth based on the convenience of light of the sun, and the plants give us just good degree oxygen and nutrition based on the convenience, and we have just good house based on the convenience to be able to tide over the wind, the rain, the heat and the cold, and we put on just good clothes based on the convenience to be able to tide over the wind, the rain and the cold, and, having just good body and spirit based on the convenience to live, using just good tools based on the convenience to live, repeating between destruction and creation in just good home and society and environment based on the convenience, we are living. Still more, from the spiritual world to the physical world, from the generation, the evolution, the growth, the death and the birth of the life to the generation, the evolution, the growth, the death and the birth of stars and universe, from the infinitely small to the super minute particle, to the super Galaxy, to the end of the space and to the infinitely great, from one to these infinite diversity, by each ""-en-(the second cause) of the other in the interpretation of the best good, from one moment to the next, every moment, each are keeping to change, to repeat, and the whole of the world in the interpretation of the best good is operated acting on the law in the interpretation of the best good without a chink of the chance at all. But, because there is always the limit of the ability to recognize and to interpret them including the law severally, each ""-hou ben-(expedient) to meet each limit are severally used for convenience' sake."
"In that world of the ""-hou ben-(expedient) based on the convenience, seeing in conformity with real life to adhere more than to living, for example, in that world of the ""-hou ben-(expedient), there are both ""-hou ben- of destruction and ""-hou ben- of creation, and, as for the ""-hou ben- of destruction being used by destroyers, in many ""-hou ben-(expedient)(means), when the "lie" is used as ""-hou ben-, the destroyer (evil), to the "lie", because of the evil, doesn't feel the duty or responsibility at all, and he destroys the target which is the other and himself after all. On the other hand, as for the ""-hou ben- of creation being used by creators, in many ""-hou ben-(expedient)(means), when the "lie" is used as ""-hou ben-, the creator, to the "lie", because of the good, feels the duty or responsibility, and, taking later the responsibility upon himself with later the apology , he relieves the other and himself after all. For example, as for the difference between that a swindler who is an black rogue destroys the target and himself using "lie" as the ""-hou ben- to the target and that a father who is a good by nature relieves his kids and himself using "lie" as the ""-hou ben- to his kids, there is just the clear difference between bad and good, destruction and creation, as a result. In this world(real world) of ""-hou ben-, on account of the world(real world) of ""-hou ben-, all tools ("") are used as the "", and the standard is money, power or fame, etc. And, that whether that these tools("") are used with destruction or with creation becomes important in this world of "". Then, it is a desirable condition that the more the power is large, the more it is more "good", but, very often, it is rare that the man of power is "good". Because the man who will become a man of power must be the typical man who live in the ""-gon mon-(makeshift, temporary gate) (""-hou ben- (expedient) aiming at the power (""-hou ben- (expedient) in most cases. There is also a situation that it is difficult, as for the power, to obtain the power without the devotion to the power, therefore, there are many men of power who do not choose a means in order to get money, power, and fame and who have risen in the world using "evil" as the (""-hou ben- (expedient) with each extent in order to get money, power, and fame. That is, they tend to be blinded by the lure of power (money, power, fame) and to be busy to obtain them, and such men of power, even if such men of power obtain the power of the purpose, tend to obtain more power (money, power, fame) using the power (money, power, fame) because the power (money, power, fame) is their purpose, therefore, the more their own power (money, power, fame) is bigger, the more the damage of destruction under the rule is bigger, and, under the autocratic big obese men of power, there are many people who have cried by that destruction. At rare intervals, the man of power of destruction is converted to the man of power of creation, but it is very rare, and the thing to be possible many more than it is that, because the power is like a demon, the person who had been comparatively wholesome at first was like a different person internally apart from the outside. The evil (destroyer) of powerful desire for rule in the man of power own whose such power changes like a demon is called ""-dai roku ten no ma ou- (king of satan in the sixth Heaven, greed of domination, greed of power) or ""-ta ke ji zai ten- (one of heavens class, which handles others freely) by Buddhism, and he becomes a dictator ruling the others by the power of money, of power, and of fame and hardens the rule by the totalitarianism taking himself a leading part and changes the criticism to the dictator himself to one to the organization, to the nation, and to the organization over which he rules and becomes like an incarnation of destruction which purges and destroys all of persons who disobey to him and whom he hates, and becomes the dictator of the large destruction like Hitler or Stalin when the mind of large powerful man of power is possessed by this desire. Therefore, It is natural for good well-informeds to react sensitively to the large powerful man of power. But, in this case, we must distinguish definitely between the sensitive reaction of the good well-informeds to the large powerful man of power and, conversely, the malicious sensitive reaction to the good (creator) by well-informeds of lack of understanding who assist the evil (destruction) believing the lie information of the evil (destruction) and the persons to sell that information who play a cat's-paw for the men of power of evil (destruction). The enemy of evil is the good, the one who can break the evil is only the good. In the meantime, incidentally, I who like this, talk away big without reserve am very old and blind and deaf and have lost the use of my lips, and therefore, am without relations of money and power, and please, without anxiety, like that artists. That artists also, excuse me, but, have neither money nor power, and the excellent artists comparatively become the lower part of power, although, it is rare that they become the men of power (even if had become one, based on the good (creation), not become large, and, far from autocracy). On the contrary, all of them tell to the autocratic men of power very severely, frankly, and, there are, Mr. Dante of a poet, Mr. Beethoven, Mr. Tolstoi, and Mr. Shostakovich, who are persons like the sample. Therefore, neglecting and looking down upon artists who tell frankly, if there is the man of power (bureaucrat, politician, big merchant, man of religion, clergyman, etc) who detaches them from the general people, it will be, certainly, the "dictator" or men of power of destruction who has eyes like a shark or weird glittering eyes. Please take care of it !
The dictator doesn't or cannot bring up a successor to keep to be a dictator himself and hides many true information, therefore, the persons who crowd at the surroundings of the dictators of the destruction and of the men of power are surely the smartish flatterers and the destroyers of the same class who aim at the power (money, power, fame). Such society which that dictators or men of power have controlled is the society which its economy, politics, and culture has fallen and fallen the hill of decline, therefore, if we deal with it severely, evil (destroyer) will gather rapidly and grow thick, and that society will be entirely destroyed from physical destruction to mental destruction of adults or children. But, to our regret, the ordinary public and home people do not understand easily, and, specially, people who are absolutely governed by the religious absolute man of power (man of power who looks upon "I" of human as the absolute existence and who is going to govern others) have been ruled mentally deeply, and, therefore, they cannot notice it easily. It is the very troublesome world that it will become white if the man of power calls it white, and will become black if he calls it black. "
"In Buddhism, such religious absolute man of power who is possessed by mighty rule avarice (""-dai roku ten no ma ou- (king of satan in the sixth Heaven, greed of domination, greed of power) or ""-ta ke ji zai ten- (one of heavens class, which handles others freely)) and who persecutes the good covering up his rule avarice and his destructive face and who is adored like God or the Buddha from people is especially called ""-sen syou zou jou man- (conceited large man of power pretending a saint). He is popular with many internal and external people and, being arrogant as holy thing and pretending a Saint, he controls the very fundamental and important act of human which is the "believing", therefore, it is very difficult to escape the rule, especially criticism to the ruler is taboo, and, the damage of the destruction becomes very great from individual corporal mental damage to the physical mental damage of a home, a community, and society. Wholesome intellectuals are apt to detest such dictators especially, and, earnestly, wholesome clergyman's leaders, Please mind not to mistake for such man of power of ""-sen syou zou jou man- (conceited large man of power pretending a saint). After all, men of power and leaders cannot but be the executives on the ""-hou ben-(expedient), in the society of the ""-hou ben-, however, they are apt to misunderstand like that a certain king living in the big royal palace (system of truth, idea built by others) is under the impression that he himself is the big royal palace (system of truth, idea built by others), just like that, he misunderstands people's praise to the big royal palace (system of truth, idea built by others) one to himself and swells his big belly like a frog. And, leaving fake religions by nature, though the royal palace (system of truth, idea built by others) is very fine, living there, the clergyman or religion leader is possessed by ""-sen syou zou jou man- (conceited large man of power pretending a saint). And, in case it does not have the heart that the royal palace (system of truth, idea built by others) is destroyed, to remove the ""-sen syou zou jou man- (conceited large man of power pretending a saint), you should ask the clergyman or the religion leader some questions like this, "What is your "spiritual enlightenment" you have believed ?" "What is "God" you have believed ?" "What is "the Buddha" you have believed ?" Invariably, the whole of the answer is ""-hou ben-(expedient) from things like ambiguous smoke to what is partly accordant to reason, a divine message, predecessors' simile and an epigram, etc. Because, language is ""-hou ben-(expedient), and, the language of "spiritual enlightenment", the language of "God", and the language of the "Buddha" become each ""-hou ben-(expedient) of "spiritual enlightenment", of "God", and of the "Buddha", and even if he says what is said nothing is the truth, there's nothing but other than ""-hou ben-(expedient) as we have lived in the world of ""-hou ben-(expedient), and have distinguished between the ""-hou ben-(expedient) and the truth. Then, the answer of the clergyman or of the religion leader is not absolute absolutely, therefore, you should tell the clergyman or of the religion leader like this, "Even if you call it "white", it is not necessarily "white", and even if you call it "black", it is not necessarily "black". Like that, you are the clergyman or the religion leader in the ""-hou ben-(expedient), therefore, you should do given your work of the ""-hou ben-(expedient) without swelling your belly.""
"Or, "We have respected to the achievement of ""-hou ben-(expedient) of Father's work, however, our Grandfather brought up you of our Father as a leader of ""-hou ben-(expedient) by ""-hou ben-(expedient) in order that our Grandfather may make Father do work of ""-hou ben-(expedient) and gave Father the power (money, power, fame) of ""-hou ben-(expedient) as a king of ""-hou ben-(expedient), and therefore Father were able to rendered the achievements just because of ""-hou ben-(expedient) as Grandfather's discretion and thought highly of Father's achievement rightfully, but Father is not understood the deep heart of Grandfather, but there is also the situation that the power of the ""-hou ben-(expedient) will be lost if the ""-hou ben-(expedient) is understood as the ""-hou ben-(expedient). And there is also the side that the behavior of Father who has no consciousness of that ""-hou ben-(expedient) dirtys and harms the big royal palace of a real treasure and people who are protecting it, therefore Father yourself is also dirtied and harmed by Father yourself, then that small royal palace (-syou hon dou- (right main temple, a building which was built as "-hon mon no kai dan- by Daisaku Ikeda)) already collapsed and this small royal palace (Koumei party, a political party formed by Daisaku Ikeda) is also muddy and now is dying having become the mud itself at last. Therefore, the good looked dirty, the society got confused, the social trend became rough, adults missed justice (interpretation of the good of the best good), and the minds of children behave violently. Besides, there ought to be nothing owned (original) by Grandfather and Father in the palace of the treasure because all the palace of the treasure of this big " truth " left great ancestors, and main Father's work ought to be to introduce them many people to be understood easily. Grandfather had understood it very well, but he didn't dare to tell to Father to let Father do work of ""-hou ben-(expedient) as ""-hou ben-(expedient), therefore Father has dirtied and has harmed the royal palace of this important "truth" beyond the achievements of ""-hou ben-(expedient) without the self-knowledge of ""-hou ben-(expedient), therefore the children are taking pains very much to restore the dirt and crack and to show its original brightness. Father makes your children grow up as big persons of great white horses to be able to look out over from high point rapidly, and, if, by that children, this splendid big royal palace of treasure is rubbed up, it will more shine all around marvelously.". So, would you like to tell your Father ?"
"Now, the reason that ""-hou ben-(expedient) is told the secret as the ""-hou ben-(expedient) is just like the time that the ""-hou ben-(expedient) of temporary castle is told the secret as the ""-hou ben-(expedient) in ""-ke jou bon-(temporary castle chapter No.7) in -hokekyo-), in a point of time that the purpose of ""-hou ben-(expedient) was achieved, because of showing the new true purpose and of opening the next view. Furthermore, ""-hou ben-(expedient) shows the work just because it is an ""-hou ben-(expedient), therefore the real worth to the distinguished services of creation of the ""-hou ben-(expedient) doesn't go down in the least. However dirty the interpretation of "truth" may be seen, the real worth to the interpretation of the "truth" doesn't change in the least. Furthermore, the real worth to the distinguished services of persons who are protecting the royal palace of the treasure of the "truth" also doesn't go down in the least, therefore it is sure that blame and slander of the "lie" of destroyers (evil) to that royal palace of the "truth" and to those persons who have protected the royal palace of the "truth" and to those persons who have practiced in the royal palace of the "truth" will be no better than one to those countless ""-dai zen- (big good persons) gathering at "now and here" in this heavenly woods and one to that truth of the best good (interpretation of good of the best good), in a word, as it becomes a "big evil", please, be careful so much so you won't become a demons' tidbit taken with alcoholic drinks in hell mistaking for a companion of an evil priest with an evil interpretation of the "big evil" (big destroyer) and for a companion of that lewd priest somewhere. So has been approved by big good persons at "now and here" nodding their agreement so much their nodding could make a wave motion of wind and could be conducted that gentle breeze here. Although it was a custom of this heavens once upon a time to confirm not to lie their approval with the act that everyone of lives of big good touches their tongues on the Bonten (the heavens living Bonten), the estimation of that appearance has been not too very well, therefore I will change that way to nodding assent greatly for that ceremony. Some of them are moved to tears with their nodding, like that, since, already, at "now and here" in this heavenly woods, it was decided with these big good persons being present, please take care earnestly not to be taken for a friend of a large destroyer (large evil) being deceived by the destroyer's (large evil's) say with shallow knowledge. Now, although I have talked for a long time going into the field of specialization, the reason which I who am a blindness and also Christian and who am also grow up into Occidental culture can talk in Buddhistic language like this is because this woods (of creation (good) at "now and here" and evil (destruction) hides small) hold all information in common and we can understand Buddhism of the East also very well. Especially, at "now and here", as we are looking from "" -ho ke kyo hon mon- (true gate) in "" -ho ke kyo- (Lotus Sutra), still better, we can understand it. But I wish a proper person to the expert knowledge entering the stage therefore my long chat so far will end about here. Lastly, appreciating all people who led me to this woods, and, than anybody, my precious Miss Sullivan who taught me human spirit shining in deep human heart which is the most important for human at the risk of her life, I also made up my mind to live like Miss Sullivan and I was able to devote my life on this way of relief (-Li ta-). To that Miss Sullivan who led me this circumstances which is able to have a happy talk with hello in this heavenly woods and who is more severe and more affectionate than my father and to that my father and my mother and to you everybody who had watched affectionately and loved, brought up not to desert to the end me who must have been the existence that should be disliked,
I dedicate this song with my voice with my appreciation from the bottom of my heart."