There are many sects in the "religion". - - From the best good interpretation to the worst evil interpretation, we may be able to say that there are many sects of the number corresponding to each of human being. Because life makes its world with the interpretation that is convenient itself, deservedly, the "religion" exist in the number of the high interpretation in the life. But, it isn't interpreted with the best good in all, in these, there are the life which interpret the worst evil as the best good and which destroy itself and others life together. If the best good interpretation exists certainly, and if we follow up the best good interpretation of each "religion", each meaning of the "religion" will become clear at last, and these fence(border) will be thrown up, and the highest stage of the "religion" will be found, and we will be able to arrive at the purpose of the best good of the life, that is, the true purpose of the life. At that time, we will be able to understand the interpretation of no the best good of each "religion" as the means of the true purpose of the life.

When we hear the word of "religion", still more, there are many persons who think that the "religion" is the story that is a long way from real world or that the "religion" is the special world not to bear a relation to the real life. And, when we are shown the religious war, fake "religion" to make money, the crazy "religion" which destroy many human life or themselves life by using the mesmerism or the drug, we think to dislike the word itself of the "religion". Certainly, the crazy "religion" of the destruction is the existence to dislike, and we must impeach it firmly, and it is the true freedom of "religion" and of speech that we clearly tell the wrong thing is wrong and the good thing is good. And, it is the true freedom of "religion" and of speech that we make clear the good or evil, deep or shallow degree of the "religion", and that we protect the life from the destruction by crazy "religion", and that we point out the shallow "religion" which make to promote the "religion" of the destruction, too. And, it is the true freedom of "religion" and of speech that we tell it as a poison to the person who is drinking the poison, and who is told the poison as the good medicine, and still more, it is the true freedom of "religion" and of speech that we make clear the good or evil to the fellow who help the spreading of the evil, and who tell the true good medicine as a poison to people,too. As many people had believe in it without recognizing it as a poison that the "religion"(witch hunt, anti-semitism, predominant nationalism, apartheid, racial discrimination, special race chosen by God, class distinction principle, extreme lift, extreme right, terrorism, victim by heretical religion, brainwashing by fake mesmerism or drug, superstition, nihilism, uncriticism, responsibility, slander to good by the ignorance, and so on, all ideas which justify the destruction of life or become to support it as that result), how much tragic destruction of life had be repeated! It is clear if we study a little the world history and the present world. Irreligion is "religion" called irreligion, too, and materialism, spiritualism, marxism, nietzsheism, cards fortunetelling, astrology or money worship principle, or from the soul belief to all-powerful science principle, so far as a human being is the creature who lives on higher "wisdom" called "belief"(believing), if we don't notice that all our acts are based on our each "religion", for the ignorance to the "religion", the worst evil destroys the best good and makes a face of the best good, and at last, the big destruction of the life, called the tragedy of atom bomb or Holocaust, will be justifyed and will be carried out.

Whether human life is in the influence of the "religion" how much, incidentally, we look into our family "religion" or its sects, and we will try to verify the influence for that the character of the "religion" or its sects is related to our character or our daily behavior. Because a life is strictly, necessarily, born in(made) the environment connected deeply with the life, either we believe the "religion" or its sects or not at present, we must notice that our character, our daily behavior or our inclination and others is similar to the character of the "religion" or its sects so much.

And, in many "religion" without the "religion" of superstition or the fake "religion" to make money, the heretical "religion"(cult) espoused the destruction, and others, we must verify the true wonderfulness(the best good) of the "religion" which has produced many great talented persons and higher culture in our world. We must notice that the idea interpreted in the best good of the "religion" looks like the idea interpreted in the best good of the other "religion" so much. For example, Judaism, Christianity,Islam, though it is deserved because these "religion" derived from the same God originally that as the best good interpretation, God is one, and God is the Creater, and God is Absolute. If God is Absolute, God is Truth(Law), and personified gods of as Absolute become ""-hou ben-(expedient). One the other hand, in India, Hinduism, Gainism, Buddhism are born from the same soil, and likewise, the highest God is Creater, and God is Absolute(Truth, Law), and other personified gods become the things like the shadow of God(Absolute, Law) and become ""-hou ben-(expedient) of God(Absolute, Law). Of course, there are a lot of sects of the different interpretation in each "religion", and though each will insist on the best good interpretation, if we verify the best good carefully, it becomes clear that each the best good Gods is Absolute, that is, Truth(Law).

If we can remove its fences(border) as much, the rest naturally becomes the problem what is the best good Truth(Law)? If our reason is one which looks for the best good seriously, we must understand that the Truth(Law) is found in the Buddhism, and at that time, we will understand it so foolish that we destroy and hurt together under each God's name. Because human being are the life to cleate their world having the "doubt" which is higher the reason and the "belief"(believing) which is higher the reason likewise, we should try as hard as possible to make clear the dangerous "religion" or the sects having the "doubt", and we should choose the best good having the "belief"(believing) and should verify it. If the figure of the true "religion" becomes clear, these fences(border) of the "race" or the "state" or the "culture" are removed naturally, too, and these unjust discrimination are removed, too, and the respect or the contempt to the life is decided by the act of the life seriously, and the cleation of the benefit of ""-li ta-(altruism) to the life becomes more predominant, and the destruction of the benefit of its egoism(selfish) to the life becomes more inferior. The object that must be respected is the life to create of the benefit of ""-li ta-(altruism) to the life, and the object that must be held in contempt is the life to destroy of the benefit of its egoism(selfish) to the life. In these, inevitably, the creation to human being who can do the best good must be more respectable, and the destruction to the human being must be more contemptible.

The big destruction of the life depend on the ignorance of the "religion" has already been repeating many times with the degree that we are disgusted. Since mankind has already got the unavoidable weapon called the atomic bomb, if we don't think and don't correct to the true meaning of the actual "religion" carefully, all of our world may end to be reduced the matter instantly. Before the crazy reason who puts his hand on the button to try to do so, the best good reason should take note of the idea interpreted the best good of the "religion" sincerely.

If the best good idea can be found, even any "religion", even any personal "religion", it is the best good "religion", and if it is the best good "religion", it is the highest universal "religion".

Mankind's future with the prosperity and the destruction depends on this choice of the best good totally.




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