If you don't exist at all, the world doesn't exist at all, either.

If the world exists, you surely exist.

You are the world-existence that puts on a crown of the subject called "I".

So far as you called "I" exists, "Paris" exists, and the "Uranus" exists, too. Actually, you will feel a pain if you go to "Paris" and strike on the stone pavement, and you will feel a coldness if you go to the "Uranus" and touch on the surface of the earth.

It is an illusion to think that even if you become "nothing", the world will be existing. It is an illusion that happened by watching that the world is existing still after other lives death. The world which you are watching now is your world and not the other lives world. And, death is not "nothing".

Already the existing things don't become nothing like that nothing is formed from nothing. Nothing is a thing like the shadow of the existence.

Your "I" of this infinity world don't become nothing like that this infinity world doesn't become nothing, too.

You are the world-existence that puts on a crown of the subject called "I"




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