A person often forgets his heart of begining, and despises a small thing. The "size of his heart" at when he had begun something is bigger then the "size of his heart" at when he came near the purpose. In other words, at the moment which he had the determination(choice) that he will climb the mountain, he has all the possibility which is concerned with the mountain after that. A person doesn't notice the size of his heart of begining, and he dazzles his eyes by the purpose. A means is despised more than the purpose is(a means isn't chosen for the purpose) because a person despises this size of his heart of begining. That is, the best interpretation of that "don't forget the heart of begining" is that we must recognize the size of our heart of begining and must look upon the begining(choice) of something as the serious matter(""-ichi dai ji-(one big important matter)). And, a person often takes lightly something small in his hand, and he attachs importance something large not to be able to hold in his hand. He often dazzles his eyes to the infinite large universe, and looks upon the infinite small universe like something in his hand. It is just like that ""-son go kuu- had despised the size of Buddha's hand(body) exactly.

Generally, when we thing about our body, we suppose our inside body covered with cuticle, but if a body is defined as the environment which makes "I" as "I", because my outside environment supports "I"equally with that my inside environment supports "I", too, the body of "I" is the whole of environment of both the inside and the outside.

The person of the human rights being biased who despises the heart of begining cries like this, that "the murderer's human rights is denied because he denies other person's human rights". The person of the normal human rights who attachs importance his heart of begining cries like this, that "even if a person thinks and acts anything, he has the human rights, and if he doesn't have this, he doesn't have his other right, his duty and his responsibility and the judgment to him as well. Because a murderer has the human rights, he is judged by other people, and more over it, he is judged by himself." The former person who despises his heart of begining(mistakes the premise), and who cries in big voice that "the murderer's human rights is denied because he denied other person's human rights" in normal time, and who is the faked righteous person or the faked good man or the faked pacifist(the faked journalism and the supporters) becomes the meanest murderer in abnormal wartime. Because an enemy doesn't have human rights, they aren't human being and they are less than vermin and they are logs, and even civilians, even children, even woman and even old man are put to shame, done the experiment on living persons, killed with the poison gas, shot to death, cut their neck, buried alive, dropped bombs.

The person who can cheer heartily for the drama that evil is broken by good, the person who feels anger heartily for the drama that good is oppressed, misunderstood, abused, labeled as bad man, the person whose tears well up in one's eyes for the faithful drama of relief, they are happy people very much. They are walking without putting some pebbles in their shoes, and they are living under the refreshing blue sky.

The other way, because the person who is walking with putting some pebbles in his shoes is just the bad man who is judged by good in the drama, and who is just the bad man itself, he isn't interesting at all even if seeing the drama, and he can't live under the refreshing blue sky, either.

The time that a person feels his satisfaction (happiness) in living this world is the time that he could feel that he had contributed something himself for this world. The person's joy at the time that he could be useful something grows bigger and bigger if it is bigger because it decides the meaning of his existence. The other way, the destroyer feels unhappiness even if he makes an effort to keep his face because he loses the meaning of his existence to himself in this world. Even if he looks however big(wears a big tin decoration), if it isn't the real thing, even if however well he deceives his world with pretending to be good, after all, he denies the meaning of his existence for himself(because he had been distant far from his true purpose), and he feels a pain.

Life aiways aims at "-lita-(altruism).

Like that the blood of "I" flows with the pain if the inside body of "I" is wounded, the blood of "I" still flows with the pain if the outside body of "I" is wounded. Both the inside body of "I" which is infinity small (the organized material assembly) and the outside body of "I" which is infinity large(the organized material assembly) is the body which makes "I" as "I", and because all things which have already been is the infinity existence, and because "I" who have already been is the infinite existence, the infinite existence which has already been is "I", and the only substance which is at "now and here" is this "I".

"I" am not the existence that was thrown in the world which had already been, and not the existence that throws in the world, too, and not the existence that throws the world too. The world is neither before nor after the existence of "I", and it is "I" itself.

The body of "I" is the matters, the microbes, the plants, the lower animals and higher animals, too, and the highest circumstance(""-jou butu-(becoming Buddha)) of this "I" is the highest circumstance(""-jou butu-) of the matters, is the highest circumstance(-jou butu-) of the microbes, is the highest circumstance(-jpu butu-) of the plants, is the highest circumstance(-jou butu-) of the lower animals and is the highest circumstance(-jou butu-) of the higher animals, too, and this "I" am said as ""-budda-(Buddha), and the body is said as ""-bukkoku do-(Buddha's country).

Both the inside and the outside of the body of "I" are the body of "I" which makes "I" as "I" at "now and here".





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