In the questions and answers which comes out to begining of the "question of Milinda king"(Milinda panha) of the famous Buddhism document, there is a point of the contents that "I" don't exist. This means the ""-syaku kuu kan-(analytical view of Kuu) that has been expounded in ""-syou jou kyou-(small conveyance teachings) or in a part of Indian philosophy before Buddhism, that is, it means that even if how much analyzes "my" heart or body(matter), the whereabouts of "I" doesn't exist.(""-mu ga-(not to exist "I")(selflessness). Certainly, even if "my" heart is analyzed in the moment, the things appearing there are nothing but the fragments of the attribute of the life, and even if "my" body is resolved to a limit, the things appearing there are nothing but the organized(""-en-(relation)) matter, and specially, even if the brain that is the seat of the mind are analyzed, the substance(the actual state) of "I" doesn't come out. The things coming out are that at must, the memory disappears(the memory of "I" disappears), or appears it, or a color and sound are felt, or an illusion is seen, or gets angry, or cries, or becomes unpleasant, or a pleasure is felt, and so on, by some stimulus to the brain, and each attribute of the life only appears or disappears. The most of the thing said as the "-satori-(philosophy)(comprehension) in the meditation, in the training with pain(asceticism), in the meditation of Zen, in the ""-go ma-(to pray with often curse burnning the twigs), in the ""-ka ji ki tou-(to pray with often curse and with ""-in-(the form locking both hands), in the ""-sin gon-(true word)), in the ""-ta riki-(to depend on other big power), and so on, are this kind, and they see the image of each phase of the"philosophy" which are put into their minds in advance by the word of the textbooks, of the seniors, of the teachers, and so on, as the illusion, and they have the illusion that "I" have been spiritually put it into the junior's mind again, and this spreads out with its repetition. Specially, because the pleasure which can get by them are based on the unreasonable and unnatural stimulus toward the brain, in the same way as the poisoning of the drug or the hypnosis, it becomes chronic(it becomes habit), they easily fall into its trap by listening to the specific music or by the specific smell or by the specific sight or by the specific behavior, and so on, and they wish for the pleasure, and want to be caught in it(do habitually). When it is radical, they really become to believe in the absurd ""-tuu riki-(miracle power) which are, what is called, the "air swimming" or the "passing through into the object or the "becomeing transparent", and so on, and they become even excessive transformer condition(the convulsion of the brain), and jump up and down, and make to struggle their hand and foot, and though it seems to be unusual from outside, it is a pleasure for the persons concerned it. This pleasure is the same thing that is, what is called, the "condition of pure-white in the brain" which can get by the excessive motion(of the festival or of the sport, and others), but because it depends on unnatural stimulus and on unreasonable action toward the brain under the excessive transformer condition, in the same way as the drug, it takes with the sequela the mental harm(character and mental derangement, consciousness trouble), and so on.

The illusions under the transformer condition are various such as that some light was seen or that some sound was heard, or that some soul was seen, or that some dead person transferred, or that some God was seen, or that shining Buddha(""-hosshin nyoray-(law body Buddha) whose substance isn't revealed) transferred, and so on, but Buddhism, from the primitive Buddhism to the "legitimate"""-day jou bukkyou-(big conveyance Buddhism), originally deny the dependence toward the mysticism or the occult which contains the thing such as ""-ju jutu-(the means of curse) stubbornly. Really, the degeneration or the decline depends on making too much of taking in these ""-ju jutu-(the means of curse), mysticism and others(the idea of ""-ju jutu-(the means of curse) seen a part of Hinduism, Indian philosophy, Yoga, and so on). Incidentally, when it follows ""-kyou chi myou gou-(fusion of object and wisdom)(this is the extreme general law) expounded Buddhism, the ""-kyou chi myou gou-(fusion of object and wisdom) toward the actual ""-kyou-(object) becomes the actual world figure, and the ""-kyou chi myou gou- toward the fanciful and illusory ""-kyou- becomes the fanciful and illusory word figure. In other words, "I" see the actual flower, and "I" feel its actual beauty, and "I" believe the actual idea or truth, and "I" embody it in fact. The actual phenomenon happens by the actual law. In a word, the thing(reality) with its substance(the actual state) happens from the truth(law) with its substance(the actual state), and nothing happens but the thing(fantasy, illusion) with its no-substance(the no-actual state) from the truth(law) with its no-substance(the no-actual state).

And, what is worse still, these ""-hou ben kyou-(expedient teachings) make to divert or block people's eye(mind) from the right way(""-syou hou-(right law)), the right viewpoint for adhereing to these ideas. In the ""-syou hou-(right law), because it is expounded that the "purification of the life", the "expiateing one's sins" which are the condition to arrive at the ""-bukkai-(Buddha's circumstance) can be realized only by the creation of the ""-lita-(altruism), inevitably, ""-lita-(altruism) is attached importance, but on the other hand, in the ""-hou ben kyou-(expedient teachings), because it is expounded that the "purification of the life", the "expiateing one's sins" can realized by the meditation, the training with pain(asceticism), the Zen meditation, ""-go ma-(to pray witjh often curseburnning the twigs), ""-kaji ki tou-(to prey with often curse and with "" -in-(the form locking both hand), ""-ta riki-(to depend on other big power), and so on, inevitably, ""-lita-(altruism) isn't attached importance, and they became to devote themselves to above-mentioned ""-ji gyou-(training for oneself). If taking seriously, it cannot think that the sins(for example, the crime of the homicide of several people or several hundred people) cease to exist by the meditation, the training with pain(asceticism), the meditation of Zen, ""-go ma-(to pray with often curse burnning the twigs), ""-ka ji ki tou-(to pray with often curse and with ""-in-(the form locking both the hands), and so on, but if it is possible, it will become the terrible plot such as that however many they kill people, however much they are given to evil ways, so long as they meditate "a while", its their crime cease to exist in an instant(they believe to cease to exist it), and they can be usual cleanly, and they will go forward the terrible direction. That the act(""-hou bou-(slander to the right law) which divert or block many people's eye(mind) from the right viewpoint, the right way(""-syou hou-(right law)) is reproved severely, depend on the reason that it is possible that they are easily connected with the egoism, the making light of the life(despising of the life), the big destruction of the life, and so on. As for "the meditation, the training with pain(asceticism), the meditation of Zen, ""-go ma-(to pray with often curse burnning the twigs), ""-ka ji ki tou-(to pray with often curse and with ""-in-(the form locking both hands)), ""-ta riki-(to depend on other big power), and so on, are ""-hou ben kyou-(expedient teachings)", for example, in the ""-amida kyou-(amida sutra)(expounded ""-ta riki-(to depend on other big power), on the 18th vow that ""-hou zou biku ni-(houzou priest)(""-a mi da nyo ray-(amida Buddha) made, it is expounded that the most wicked person who made ""-go gyaku zai-(five big crime) and the person who slandered to ""-syou hou-(right law) cannot ""-jou butu-(becoming Buddha). This shows that the "actual Buddha" was expounded ""-amida kyou-(amida sutra) with the recognition of that ""-amida kyou-(amida sutra) isn't ""-syou hou-(right law), and it is proved by the contents of the sutra as well. And, because ""day nichi kyou-(dainichi sutra)(expounded ""go ma-(to pray with often curse burnning the twigs), ""-kaji kitou-(to pray with often curse and with ""-in-(the form locking both hands)), ""-ju jutu-(the means of curse), and so on), this is said as ""-mikkyou-(secret teachings)), and ""-ke gon kyou-(kegon sutra)(expounded the partial viewpoint of the ""-en kyou-(circle teachings), ""-ryakkou syugyou-(training through many the birth and death), and so on) is expounded as the ""-hou ben-(expedient) to lead to the ""-syou hou-(right law), only the excellence of ""-ri-(reason) and ""-chi-(wisdom) of the ""-syou hou-(right law) is expounded, and the substance(the actual state) of the ""-ri-(reason)(""-hosshin nyorai-(law body Buddha)(""-day nichi nyo ray-(daynichi Buddha) and the ""-chi-(wisdom)(""-houshin nyoray-(houshin Buddha)(""-ru syana butu-(rusyana Buddha) isn't revealed(because it is expounded in the ""-ho ke kyou- which is the ""-syou hou-(right law), it doesn't need to be expounded). Because these ""-hou ben kyou-(expedient teachings) make the "truth"(law) which don't have with the substance(the actual state) or the "wisdom" which don't have with the substance(the actual state) as the ""-hon zon-(the greatest respectable root object), they are easy to be connected with the ""-ju jutu-(the means of curse) or the "devil teachings" with the imagination or the illusion which doesn't have with the substance(the actual state), and they degrade the Buddhism, and they often become the terrible religion which have with the curse, the sacrifice the sex self-indulgence(some of the idea of Yoga or Tantra), and so on. Incidentally, both ""-a un-( a ha u ma) of the ""-sin gon-(true word) of ""-mikkyou-(secret teachings) and ""-ou mu-( a u ma) of the ""-sin gon-(true word) of the Yoga belong to the same tribe(root), and it can understand that ""-sin gon mikkyou-(true word secret teachings) is the Buddhism which most suffered a bad influence of ""-mikkyou-(secret teachings) adopted ""-ju jutu-(the means of curse) or some of bad idea of Yoga, and others.

And, in ""-yui ma kyou-(yuima sutra), at the point that ""-yui ma ko ji-(Mr.yuima) showed the theory of ""-kuu-(empty) by his ""-moku-(silence), ""-zen syuu-(Zen sect) is used it for the justification of the idea of the ""-hu ryuu monji-(not to depend on words), but if thinking abut it carefully, because the ""-moku-(silence) of ""-yui ma ko ji-(Mr.yuima) is based on the loquacity of ""-yui ma ko ji-(Mr.yuima) and his playmates in the ""-yui ma kyou-(yuima sytra), and the ""-satori-(philosophy)(comprehension)(truth) is not in the ""-moku-(silence). Then, at once, a certain person says that the ""-satori-(philosophy)(comprehension)(truth) appears only for embodying. But, the thing which appears only for embodying is not the ""-satori-(philosophy)(comprehension)(truth) itself, it is the ""-kyou gai-(circumstance)(condition) which can get by mastering the ""-satori-(philosophy)(comprehension) (tryth) (depend on ""-kyou chi myou gou-(fusion of object and wisdom)), and the ""-satori-(philosophy)(comprehension) (truth) itself must be based on the word strictly. Still more, if the following person says that I understand that the true ""-satori-(philosophy)(comprehension)(purpose) is in the embodying of the ""-kyou gai-(circumstance) (condition), too. Really, that's right, and if it's so, now he must point out clearly the mastered "truth" which is necessary for embodying of the ""-kyou gai-(circumstance)(condition) (as it depends on ""-kyou chi myou gou-(fusion object and wisdom)), and moreover, such as "above-mentioned", let's talk back him that if the true ""-satori-(philosophy)(comprehension) (purpose) is in the embodying, the embodying must be in the highest ""-kyou gai-(circumstance) (condition), and if it's so, you ought not to meditation in Zen. Really, the ""-satori-(philosophy)(comprehension) (truth) without the substance(the actual state) doesn't exist. Though the following person is intelligible, let's hear of most the high priest of the ""-zen syuu-(Zen sect) or the high priest of famous Buddhism sect or the founder of a religion(or sect) about his ""-satori-(philosophy)(conprehension) (truth). Just then, certainly, they will become the ""-moku-(silence), or become the Zen's questions and answers, or become the nonsense logic enumerating the unreasonable words(for example, he says that """-satori-(philosophy)(comprehesion) (truth) itself is ""-kuu-(empty)", that is, the ""-satori-(philosophy)(comprehesion)(truth) that """-satori- itself is ""-kuu-(empty)" is ""-kuu-(empty), too,,,,that is,,,,?,,, after all, there is only ""-moku-(silence),,,,"). Though there are many ""-satori-(philosophy)(comprehesion)(truth) from small one to big one, or from the crude fancy to the thing to name as the great truth in the ""-satori-, if the ""-satori- is the highest one, according to the definition to the "highest"(the best good), both the truth(""-kyou- (object) of the "best good" and the application(practice)(""-chi-(wisdom)) must be contained in the ""-satori-(truth)(""-kyou-(object). In other words, it must be shown that why is the true ""-satori-(purpose) in the embodying of the highest ""-kyou gai-(circumstance of the life) (condition of the life) ? (truth)(""-kyou-(ofject)), and what is the method by which the highest ""-kyou gai-(circumstance, condition of the life) is embodyed? (application)(""-chi-(wisdom). Therefore even if the certain person says that I was spiritually awakened, if he talks nothing, he was realizes nothing, or he realizes that nothing could be realized, or he is under the false impression that he looks upon the two meanings of ""-satori-(one as "truth" and one as "purpose") as one meaning of ""-satori-(in the case that ""-satori- means the mastering the "truth", ""-satori- is the condition or the circumstance or the purpose of its act, and in the case that one means the mastered "truth", ""-satori- is the "truth"(law)). That is, as for the person who says nonsense as ""-satori- and who acts nonsense, his ""-satori- is nonsense and ""-i n chi ki-(cheating). Don't be deceived by the appearance or the authority or the words enumerating suggestively.

This isn't limited to the Buddhism, and applys in all the ideas and the religion. By the misunderstanding or the illusion or the ""-i n chi ki-(cheating), and so on, good and evil, high and low, deep and shallow, of the ideas aren't recognized and valued properly, and evil acts important having the face of a good, and a good keeps being oppressed with being labeled as a evil, and people don't know it and the "poison" to the mind keeps being feeded to the world, and whether our society, our culture our life are not fundamentally wrong, let's begin the fundamental treatment from the seeing though new eyes or thinking through new ideas fundamentally.





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