From a virus to a whale and big tree and others, all life to act(to do will) have invariably the organ which translates and interprets the attribute of "" - - -sei mei so no mo no-(life itself) being convenient for each life(depending on the recognizing means and ability and the necessity). The organ which developed for it containing each the organ of recognition (all nerves) is the brain.

Virus aims only at the self-multiplication and the translating organ is very primitive and closes to the matter. Therefore, the attribute that is translating as virus are the will to close to "" - - -isi so no mo no-(will itself), the memory to close to "" - - -ki oku so no mo no-(memory itself), the desires to close to "" - - -yoku so no mo no-(desire itself), the pain to close to "" - - -ku so no mo no-(pain itself) and the pleasure to close to "" - - -kai raku so no mo no-(pleasure itself), and the other attributes are latent as "" - - -so no mo no-(itself)() - - -kuu-(empty)).

A human being having one's high translating organ can interpret and translate being convenient for the human being until the high attribute of "" - - -sei mei so no mo no-(life itself), and will live peacefully in the high attribute and become to be able to do the higher life activities some day. Though it depends on human being oneself that whether it is how much degree and how long continue, if the human being can even live peacefully in the higher attribute of a life, the prosperity will keep up for long time so far as no having external factor. At that time, first, a human being can join in the universal intelligence.

The (human) brain is the translating machine which (highly) translates the (high) attribute of "" - - -sei mei so no mo no-(life itself).




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