If we can understand the relation between "I" and the body of "I" in high ""-kyou gai-(circumstances class), the whole both the inside and the outside of body of "I" is the world that has no substitute for "I", and the world is just nothing but the country of "I" as the state which holds all culture of the world. If the ""-kyou gai-(circumstances class) of "I" is ""-ho to ke-(Buddha), its world is ""-bukkoku do-(Buddha's country), and if it is an amoeba, its world is ""-ga ki kou do-(greedy demon circumstances class country). The expanse of time and space and other property in the country differ by ""-kyou gai- of "I" interpreting them, and between "I" and the ""-kyou gai- of "I" are inseparable, and as "I" can live only the world(country) of ""-kyou gai- of "I", however good the social structure may change, however much the society may has money, however few the society may have money, the more each "I" who am controled by desire of one's ego which does not mind to the destruction to other's life exist in the common country of each "I", the more the country is ""-gaki koku do-(greedy demon circumstances class country), and it becomes the country in which the moans of pain of oneself and others by destruction to others don't stop. In a word, the true peaceful country is decided by whether how high the ""-kyou gai- of each "I" of an individual is, or not, and whether how many each "I" of an individual can live in the ""-kyou gai-, or not, and the realizeing depends on that whether how many each "I" of an individual can hold the idea or philosophy or belief, etc, which can realize it, or not.

The poor mental property which, saying the predominance of a race, rejects other race, and which, useing a hateful word of the "ethnic cleansing", carrys out it is a figure of crazy reason which trys to pretend ""-kyou gai- of "I" which is lower, meaner, lesser as one of higher, nobler, bigger "I" for desire of one's ego, and as they are crazy, they can't understand what is meaner or what is nobler, and they look down upon others, and, decorating their body with their manure which seem glittering gold, they can't understand their figure not to do mind the destruction of other's life at all and their figure not to be ashamed to do the behavior which is lower then a beast(not a beast, but lower then a beast, because they are the existence of human being who have to keep to be tried as human being since their birth as human being). They take out arrogant God or race or state glittering like gold in place of meaner themselves, and they cheat the general public and youth useing it as tool, and they carry out the destruction of other's life in the name of God(responsibility of God), in the name of race(responsibility of race), in the name of state(responsibility of state), and they fall down on the way of ruin with themselves and others.

their ideal is that they liken to beautiful fragrant lavender themselves, and try to fill up only the lavender on vast ground, but in such field of flowers, how long can we of human stay? And just like a Greek tragedy that all touched change gold, all life will be destroyed at last. Like that the operation of many lifes exist on ground of the earth, just because, being based on a law symbolized by ground(earth), the repetition of the circulation of many lifes exist, like this, this earth shines beautifully, and the likes of the earth filled up only the lavender is suitable for a decoration of a room with its sweet smell.

The choice of rulers should be given the highest priority to the relief of the life, and the choice to lead the life to the destruction of life is the lowest one and the meanest one as the rulers, and they have to be taken to task to it. And, human who try to help ten people now cannot be the same with human who try to kill ten people now, and the crime which is the killing human who try to help ten people now cannot be the same with the crime which is the killing human who try to kill ten people now. And that, even if, before being the head of the small state, they are the head of the big state(world), for the a border line of the small state, that the rulers being insensible to being destroyed many people already exist is extremely unhappy for the state(world) of each "I" of an individual.

The soil giveing birth to the rulers is the same soil of the general public giveing birth to the rulers, and the soil giveing birth to the rulers of destruction also is the soil spreading the idea or the opinion of destruction in the state, in the country, and, by mass communication, fake men of culture, zealots, other many onlooker and so on, the voice of a few waking people are put out, and if the general public change into the general public of destruction of the rulers of destruction, all appearing at there go toward the destruction like that the destruction pull up near the rulers, etc of destruction, and the state goes toward the ruin.

The rulers(statesmen) of destruction certainly make that state of destruction(Stalin's state or imitating Stalin's state) daubed over with lie and Demagogie with the view that lie and Demagogie are a necessary part of politics, and they make fanatic people by lie and Demagogie, and, useing the fanatic people, when it reach to the finish, they destroy all of themselves and others. This is a scenario of big destruction(war, holocaust, genocide) which even now has repeating, and the future of the rulers(statesmen), political party, mass communication which use lie and Demagogie as political means makes to feel chilly for uncanny fear. Even if, after the fact(big destruction), the author of the plot of the rulers(statesmen), etc are judged, many killed people's life never come back, and the grief and the sorrow of many people being related are never healed. Like this, in spite of the scenario which is already clear the future, why, who, dare to repeat it again.

As an inferiority complex is a reverse of a superiority complex, a human who is timid and who is cowardly, but who has powerful self-respect is apt to get in the seat of power, and if it can get sound sublimation, he can become a good creative leader, but if not, he becomes a destructive dictator or a imitating destructive dictator. Either way, as their personal history, it is little hope such that the man of power, the chief(the highest responsible person) fights standing at the head of the battle, and in general, they hold a strong fortress being guarded by many subordinates, and they are in the place safer than anybody is in, and they command in the place where they don't feel the pain of actual battlefield. The highest responsible person who likes a battle is on the premise that himself is safely protected always, and he never dream that himself fights standing at the head of the battle(conversely, if the highest responsible person who likes a battle takes the initiative to fight standing at the head of the battle, how many people's life will be saved!).

Now, the constitution of one state was rewrited. In the constitution, it was written clearly that, as the highest preferential responsibility matter, when a war, the highest responsible person of the state has always to fight standing at the head of the battle. Therefore, the supplement of the highest responsible person was fully prepared, and many vice-the highest responsible person who can relieve the highest responsible person who fell down by a shot at any time are appointed to the position. First at this time, the highest responsible person could choose the highest option to be worthy of the highest responsible person at the last moment in an emergency, and, almost, the choice at the last moment were settled by conference of the negotiations in advance(of course, the opposing state also has the same constitution), and it is said that the "bold" choice to go through to use force became nothing. Thereupon, it is said that it was seriously examined what the choices of the highest responsible persons until now had been on earth?

"I" am a life which eternally keep to exist changeing itself with the body(world) at "now and here", and, on the extended line of the repetition of the act at one moment and at one moment, the death exists, and the birth(life) exists, and the repetition between the birth(life) and the death exists, and the death is the liquidation of the act of the life before the death and is the preparation of the act of the life after the death, and that what ""-kyou gai- can "I" and the body(world) of "I" live in is decided by both the quality and the quantity of the act. At one moment and at one moment, the body(world) of "I" keeping to live in ""-kyou gai- of the destruction of the life for the desire of one's ego is ""-ga ki kou do-(greedy demon circumstances class country) at one moment and at one moment, and it is ""-ga ki kou do- all one's life, and it is ""-ga ki kou do- infinitely, and if splitting and seeing the one moment in the infinity, it is just an amoeba.

"I" who am a life and a human, anyone don't want to die feeling a pain provided not to have the special matters, and "I" think so to the loved people in the same way, but, to other people not to go around love, "I" am apt to admit the mercilessness unexpectedly. And, now supposing that "I" was witness to the scene that a stray dog had killed by a human, general "I" take pity on the dog and hate the human. But, at before the witness, "I" didn't have loved the dog and didn't have hated the human. First at the time "I" was witness to the scene, "I" took pity on the dog and hated the human. In a word, it means that "I", before to take pity on the dog, before to hate the human, had had one heart which becomes a hatred to something destroying the life and which becomes a pity to something being destroyed the life. The heart is named ""-ji hi-(mercy)(-dai ji hi-(big mercy), big love) as for the big meaning, and just because we(life) have the ""-ji hi-(mercy) certainly, we can have a hatred and an anger to something destroying the life, and we can have a pity and a sorrow to something being destroyed the life, and we can have a love and a mercy to something creating or relieving the life.

However, this ""-ji hi- also, like other attribute of the life, appears or hides, becomes bigger or becomes smaller by the ""-kyou gai-, and even if seeming it the same condition, by the ""-kyou gai- of "I", by the degree of ""-ji hi-, the viewpoint of "I" also become to differ from. For example, on the above-mentioned example, supposing that, before the witness at the site, "I" had barked or had bited by the dog, therefore "I" have hated the dog, and, on this condition(), by the hatred and the anger of "I" to the dog, the ""-ji hi- of "I" for the dog has hided small, and, by the degree of the hatred and the anger, after the fact, "I" couldn't feel pity for the dog at all, or it became"Serve you right!", and, to the above-mentioned human also, "I" couldn't feel hateful, or it became "you made it!". And, by the other condition which are the born temperament of "I" and "mood" of "I" at that time, and so on also, at one circumstances(), "I" am an angel, at other circumstances(), "I" am a devil. In short, depend on whether ""-kyou gai- of "I" at that time is lower or is higher, and on whether ""-kyou gai- of "I" at that time is a big "" which doesn't become small even by big matter like "fountain" gushing out, or is a small ""which becomes small even by small matter, it becomes now Heaven(creation), now hell(destruction).

Like this, the law of life is complicated and delicate, and moreover it is very important on the operation of life, but even if disregarding it or making light of it, on it, any control by a law, any policy, any establishment, any state, etc, are build up, on the place in historical perspective, by some crazy reason(lower smaller ) or the majority crazy reason, briefly, the big destruction(war, holocaust, genocide) are caused, and the country of -ji goku-(hell), -ga ki-(greedy demon), -chiku syou-(beast), -syu ra-(battle), etc, appear. As for the way to keep off this, it is nothing but the way that, recognizing and understanding this life's law in the high degree, by the high "wisdom" which is produced from these, each "I" of an individual more raise and more enlarge each ""-kyou gai- of each "I" of an individual.

Just, the collective state of each "I" of an individual who have each ""-kyou gai- changing at one moment and at one moment is the body, the world, the state and the country of each "I" of an individual, and, in it, just "I" as Current am correctly the head of the body, the world, the state and the country, and the condition of the body, the world, the state and the country are decided by the ""-kyou gai- of "I" as Current.

If each "I" of an individual of the Current have the recognition and the responsibility as the head of the world(state) of each "I" of an individual, and undertake the operation of this world(state) holding in common, and if, by the highest, the best good understanding and the wisdom of the law of life, each "I" of an individual can already have lived in the highest, the best good ""-kyou gai-, just this world(state) is that "Kingdom of God". Because it is the world(state) which is operated by the lifes(God) willing with the highest, the best good love(big love) being based on the truth(God) interpreted in the highest, the best good degree.

"Kingdom of God" is nothing but the body(world) of the highest, the best good "I"(each "I" of an individual) keeping to exist infinitely at "now and here".





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