Great joy

O Frend!

not this Tone!

let's sing a song more happy with Great joy!

Great joy is the Light gushing from a Life,

beautiful Daughter comeing from the Paradise.

We are impressive so,

let's go into the Palace of yours Great joy!

In accordance with the Law of the World, us whom are separated coldly,

you, again, by your strange power, connected with us warmly.

We are held in your Gentle wing of Great joy,

all the People of the World could become one.

Friend given the Great truth,

Friend been able to get a Friend to get hard and a beautiful wife,

Sing song loudly in the Light of your Great joy!

A person who could get only one thing he could believe heartily in this Vast world,

let's sing a song together!

A person who couldn't do even it,

must leave this Palace of Great joy together with his Tears.

All the thing,

are given her Great joy from the natural Breast,

all Good, all Evil,

arrive at this Palace of Great joy at last through the Path of her Smell and her Thorn of the Rose.

Great joy, us justly,

gives the Courage to able to hold out the Betrayal and the Trial of the Death,

still, if we give our Pleasure to a Worm,

in the brightness of our Life, the Wisdom and the Justice will come in sight.

In accordance with the Operation of the Heavens,

many Stars turn round in the Grand night Sky, in the same way,


Let's walk in high the best of spirits, too! Like the Hero of the Victory being delighted!

Together with all the people of the World, takeing hand in hand and holding in our arms with each other!

The many Stars in the Heavens also, and we also, are the Manifestation of one Life!

We, without shrinking back in the Truth of a Great life!

Friends in the World!

Understand the Will of a Great life to create!

In the many Stars in the Heavens and in the inside of ourselves,

let's look for this Will of a Great life!


This Great life,

exists in the inside of each our Life together with many Stars in the Heavens!





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