There are many people who think that if they die, they become "nothing" and their "nothing" is left .

Especially, the person who makes evil has the strong tendency. After all, he believes that all must disappear completely when he dies.

But, so easily, whether "the wholesale store sells it"(he meets his expectations)?

So easily, whether "the wholesale store sells it"(he meets his expectations.) in spite of that he is in debt?

"So, the wholesale store won't sell it."(he is expecting too much.)

In the "Inferno" of "La Divina Commedia" of Dante, The churchman who made evil falls into the lowest hell and suffers. The reason is because the person who must be the best good makes the worst evil. "There is nothing so bad as the betrayal toward the best good." The"address" is decided into the lowest "hell".

What is the worst person's "hell"?

The worst person's "hell" is supposed to be already "hell" since a long ago his "death". It is supposed to be the hardest "hell" for him, and soon, he lies on his bed of his "death" with his suffering, and still more from it, he is tested the terrible continuance of the "pain". Needless to say of the mental "pain", the severity of the physical "pain" which the body changes to the matter can not express. This is said as "" - - -dan matu ma-(death's pain). This "" - - -dan matu ma-(death's pain) continues infinity time. This is said as "" - - -mu gen ji goku-(infinity hell). When it is seen from his outside, the time until from his life to his death isn't so long, but it continues to the infinity for him. Because, at this time, the time shows the nature that is the relativity of the time which pass slowly when he wish the time to pass speedily, and pass speedily when he wish the time to pass slowly. It is because the interpreting "time" approaches "" - - -ji kan so no mo no-(time itself). The length of the time depends on the condition of the dirt of his pure white sheet and the method of the "wash". The "guarantee " that it becomes be clear completely, in a word, when it is concluded securely that his "" - - -zan ge-(repentance)" with the repayment of the "debt" and the interest, he makes to move to the "Purgatorio" expounded in "La Divina Commedia". The "pain" in the "Purgatorio" is not more than in the "Inferno" because he calls for the "pain" from himself in the "" - - -zan ge-(repentance). The "address" is in the "dirty mud" where the "" - - -ren ge-(lotus flower) grows, the "time" is until when he becomes the "" - - -ren ge-(lotus flower). Even if he dies with anything form, the worst person can not escape from his "Inferno" and "Purgatorio".

The person who thinks that it is applied to oneself will try to pay back the "debt" with the interest in the present.





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