About the uneasiness, the worry and the anxiety, when the life (a will to create) which has high intelligence has the prediction of the destruction to himself or to the others or to the thing that he loves in the future, in other words, toward himself or toward the others or toward the thing that he thinks valuables, when there is the possibility to choose the destruction to them in the future, the life has uneasiness, worry and anxiety. And he feels "pain" since being in two minds, being under compulsion, in short, since the original freedom becomes unfreedom, toward the item of his choice.

When oneself or his children get serious ill, he is naturally worried about it. From his "anxiety" which may make to choose the item of his choice that he doesn't want to choose in the future, it becomes the "hesitate" of the choice of how to escape from it, and it appears becoming the "pain" of the unfreedom that can't be found the choice. At this time, if he can choose the better choice, his "worry" and "pain" will reduce according to the degree of the best good choice.

The other way, at this time, easily he often escapes from his "distress" and chooses the drug or the alcohol, and so on and depends on it. Moreover, it is very dangerous to choose the fake religion, the idea, the psychotherapy(fake hypnosis, etc), and so on, and they are often connected with all the destruction.

Because the temporary release of the "pain" appears on by the drug, the alcohol, the hypnosis, the physical stimulus of the brain, and so on, like the other attribute of the life, when his "pain" is being felt for a long time, easily he depends on the drug, the alcohol, and so on, or he is cheated the fake psychotherapy, and others, by misjudgeing with his thought to want to catch at a straw for it, and there is the case that not only money but also both his body and heart are destroyed.

The person that his "worry" isn't so much who has the reason to want to get out of the nihilistic life, or who has some his curiosity to it often chooses an easy way, and he is absorbed in the drug, the alcohol, the fake hypnosis, the fake mind cultivation, the fake mind care, and so on, and there is the case that both his mind and body has been destroyed after all. Especially, easily, in the case to choose the religion(though drug, alcohol, hypnosis, and so on, are the figures of religion, too) which is generally the so-called religion to be quite like a religion, or a idea, we are very necessary our attention.

Because, nothing is so important and dangerous as the religion or the idea, and it is concerned deeply with the fundamental life more than our imagination, and even if they are the little "thought" or the "thought" of the misunderstanding or the soothing, the "thought" which is in the root of the life prescribes all the activities of the life, and it is not the easy matter. Just the choice, in fact, becomes the serious matter more than a temporary or a lifetime matter of the life, and it becomes the matter which is said as ""-ichi dai ji-(one big matter) in the Buddhism, and it is the biggest matter of a sheet of paper that "i" can or not arrive at the purpose of the life. The "best good" choice really, fundamentally, basically depends on this choice, and it is decided by this instant choice which is the choice of ""-ichi dai ji-(one big matter) of the life that the ignorant person cannot understand absolutely. And, there is not so difficult a choice as this. Because, which is it the best good one or the worst one depend on that it is recognized or not by the circumstance of the life. For example, the person who understands the meaning of an electrical circuit figure can recognize its value, but the person who doesn't understand it finds out it only the wastepaper. There are the gates which lead to the various destinations in our presence. The gate of the drug, the alcohol, the hypnosis or the gate that depends on the fast-moving heart by ""-en-(second cause), and so on, from the gate of the fake religion to the gate of the arrogant religion or idea, there are the innumerable gates. In these whether which is the best good gate or better one, we need examine(study) about them very much. If we choose some terrible gate, there is the case that that terrible destruction which is the "bad dream" of the destruction of the life, from the suicide of only one to the murder of several people, several million people, becomes real. Mankind has already experienced the fearfulness of the choice fully.

Nevertheless, concerning the religion, we keep to be ignorant almost. For example, in the Buddhism, about the so-called primitive Buddhism in the learning Buddhism, there is the theory that the asceticism or the meditation of the ""-syou jou kyou-(small conveyance) is the right precepts in that time when Indian Buddha was living, but the learning Buddhism tends to see with the point of view in its learning doctrinairely with the authority without right understanding the true interpretation of Buddhism, still even the true interpretation of Buddha, and even if a scholar places Buddhism in historical perspective on the learning, the true interpretation of Buddhism doesn't appear there. Being confused by scholar's biased reason, by the adornment of authority, rather there is the case that the elites are deceived, and they make to fall into the terrible destruction that is quite opposite Buddhism, and they aren't noticeing the fearfulness and the foolishness at all. In the primitive Buddhism and the way of the training before Buddhism in India, the destination of the practiceing austerities or the meditation which are the teachings of ""-hou ben-(expedient) of the so-called ""- syou jou kyou- (small conveyance) is the disappearance of the worldly desires and the body, or the destruction(destruction of discipline)(the person of the practiceing austerities or the meditation misunderstands the illusion of ""-kuu mo do ki-(Kuu imitation) of the effect of the training as the philosophy, and becomes an elite, and looks down upon the low-ranking persons, and becomes the destroyer of discipline or the destroyer of the life) after all, and it is far from the true interpretation of Buddhism. And, the religion or the idea which keeps to destroy the life through several-years or several hundred years gradually is more terrible than one of the big destruction exposed soon. In the ceremony or the convention worshiped now in religion, and in the idols said as a saint or a holy priest now, how degree do they merit the name? Rather, if we know its true colors, it may be the thing that we can't say but the nonsense or the merciless. We should not judge them by externals or the emotional judgement standard which is the gorgeousness, the miserableness, the pitiableness, and so on. Much more, by useing the mass media, takeing only emotional beauty, without the understanding of the doctrine in the religion or the idea, the ceremony or the convention, and so on, is dramatized more than the fact report, and it is specially needed the attention that it is washed away in the public. The viewing audience always have the danger to fall into a trap because they don't understand the doctrine of the religion or the idea in the back of the emotion. The person who has troubles now and who try to catch at a straw tends to cling to the religion or the idea without understanding its good and evil of the idea of the background of its emotion. If the religion or the idea reads to the destruction of the life, it is irrevocable.

It is not too much to say that all of the misery that the world has gone through until now was caused by this ignorance of the people's. We should notice quickly that the cause that good and evil invert, and the destruction pushs the creation aside, and the culture, the state, the people are destroyed and declined, is because that it infiltrate until the deep place of the people's heart to the religion or the idea which has the doctrine of the destruction or which keeps to be ignorant people.

Therefore, we must fundamentally anew dip up, ask again and verify, our sense of values or our idea to keep being believed until now.





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