Dominoes falling forward

The dominoes are falling forward one after another by first one push to the first domino.

"The condition of that dominoes are lineing up systematically", and "The moment of the first one push to the first domino", and "The condition of that they are falling forward one after another", and "The moment at that all dominoes finished falling forward", these four conditions exist. These apply each in ""-kuu-(empty), "" - - -jou-(forming), "" - - -juu-(living), ""-e-(breaking), expounded in Buddhism.

At this time, for making it easy to be understood, let's try to close our eyes. We pay attention to only the sound of dominoes falling forward, and when it is defined that the appearance of the sound is the general "phenomenon", it is meaned that ""-kuu-(empty) is the existence of as possible figure (the condition without sound) and ""-jou-(forming) is the beginning in some opportunity (the moment of the first sound) and ""-juu-(living) is the existence of "phenomenon" of as the sound (the condition existing sound) and "" - - -e-(breaking) is the extinction of the "phenomenon" (the moment disappearing sound) (""> ""> ""> "")

And, the various laws (the law of the movement, gravitation and others) which inhere in dominoes lineing up is said as "" - - -in-(cause), and the "phenomenon" like that dominoes are falling forward baseing on the "" - - -in-(cause) with the sound is said as "" - - -ka-(effect). Then, the "" - - -in-(cause) of the various laws don't lead the "" - - -ka-(effect) of the "phenomenon" though we wait over so long without the some "working upon". This "working upon" is said as ""-en-(the second cause).

The "phenomenon" of a series of the dominoes falling forward are based on the "" - - -in-(cause) of the various laws which inhere in it, and depend on the "" - - -en-(the second cause) of the first one push of the first domino, and the first domino falls forward, and touches the next domino, and it becomes the "" - - -ka-(effect) which the sound comes out, and at same time, the "" - - -ka-(effect) becomes the "" - - -en-(the second cause) which will fall forward the next domino, and it continues and is related to the next domino one after another such as "" "", "" "",,,. ("", ""> "")

At this time, when this is applied to the general world and the universe, the "" - - -en-(the second cause) of the first one push of the world(universe) becomes a problem. Because the world(universe) don't have the beginning and the end, the fact is that the first one push is nothing but the thing that the "" - - -ka-(effect) of something becomes the ""-en-(the second cause), too, and In the case of this dominoes, the first "" - - -en-(the second cause) is the first one push of the person's finger by his will, and the first one push is the thing of which his "" - - -ka-(effect) of something became the ""-en-(the second cause), too, and at the end of the dominoes, through the sense of the person who saw and heard it, it becomes his emotion and behavior and others with changing it's form, and it keeps repeating to "" "", "" "",,,. When we pay attention to the "sound" of the dominoes, the ago of the beginning and the afterward of the extinction are the "" - - -kuu-(empty).

The world(universe) is based on the ""-in-(cause) with the repeating of ""-en-(the second cause) ""-ka-(effect), ""-en-(the second cause) ""-ka-(effect),,, and is repeating ""-jou-(forming), ""-juu-(living), ""-e-(breaking), ""-kuu-(empty).





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