Still, for the person who can't leave from the predominance of the matter.

Matter is blind and is without purpose because it doesn't have a will.

The unreasonableness which gives the blind thing the predominance.

The unreasonableness that the matter which doesn't have a will develops and thinks to evolve aiming at the something purpose.

The unreasonableness that the thing that the matter which doesn't have a will changes so dramatic into the life (the material mass having a will) is regarded as a chance, a wonder, a miracle and so on.

These unreasonableness is shaped up in that the matter is distinguished from the life clearly.

Actually, the matter is the life which doesn't do an act.

The matter is the "life" that the life(the will to create) is in the condition of ""-kuu-(empty).

The matter has the attributes of the life of as ""-kuu-(empty), and when the condition is filled, the matter acts in concert with the ""-say may sonomono-(life itself)(the will to create) and organizes useing itself and come in sight the life(the will to create) and creates, develops, evolves. Therefore, there is nothing which is not life in all of from the minute particle till the big mass of the star and the universe itself. Must not give the matter(the life which doesn't do an act) the predominance by overwhelming the existence ratio of the matter and the life in the universe, or by the imagination of the infinite universe. There is only the reason that the condition is very few and only the reason which there is neither infinity nor one moment in there because there is neither time nor space in the life of ""-kuu-(empty),

And, the attribute of the life of as ""-kuu-(empty) of the matter exists as a ""-ku so no mo no-(pain itself) which doesn't have at all the freedom. The hell, in the original meaning, is this matter world (the attribute of the life of as " "-ku so no mo no-(pain itself) rules). The " "-ku-(pain) of the life(human being) is the transfiguration, the translation, the interpretation, of this " "-ku so no mo no-(pain itself).

The universe exists as a "" - - -seimei so no mo no-(life itself) which is in the condition of ""-kuu-(empty).





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