In history, the cultures which prospered are common to have the high mind in the base.

In ancient times, in medieval times, in modern ages and in the present age, the mind of people who created the bright culture was bright likewise.

Its mind is one which lives in the rich "creation" without the "destruction". In each place, there was "God", "philosophy" or "idea" that admonishes the useless "destruction" of the life and leads to the "creation". In Greece, in Egypt, in Mesopotamia, in India, in China, in the Judaism, in the Christianity, in the Islam, in the Hinduism, in the Buddhism, in the Greek philosophy, in the Arabian philosophy, in the Indian philosophy, in the Chinese philosophy, in the West philosophy of the modern ages and the present age, in the rationalism of science and so on, all the rich minds of all the countries built up the beautiful cultures severally, and provided that they aren't used, and being twisted the fact as a means of the "destruction" by the destroyer, they must have become the guidepost to the higher "creation" and must have been registered on the history deeply as the bright occupation of the life. But, actually, each religions and ideas give rise to a lot of sects and department schools by the difference in the "interpretation" such as "good" has the " interpretation" of "good", "evil" has the "interpretation" of "evil" and the "worst evil" has the " interpretation" of the "worst evil", and some of the " interpretation" of the "worst evil" break down and hide the "good", and it had mode to the large "destruction" of the life with its violence. But, on one hand, provided that the beautiful culture exists actually and has been acting, it is sure that "the best interpretation" of the religion or the idea has become the fort of the bright culture being succeeded by the people in each.

Now, in the culture of the countries which is thought to prosper, though they have the part of shadow not a little, in the many people's base part, this rich "good" mind reflects and is actually active, for the opposition, now, in the culture to be declining, this "good" mind declines very much, becomes blurred or can't be found, and the "interpretation" of "evil" spreads and the vitality to create becomes weak gradually and the activity becomes dull and is stagnant. In the meaning, the countries which will prosper from now in the future, surely, must be creating new bright culture by the many people who already awakened this rich mind of "good",

"Culture by the destruction can't exist", this one lesson is the only cultural legacy which can get by the "destruction".


for "will to create"(life), the "destruction" is "evil" and is "pain".





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