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about lita.com site

At 12/14/01,www.lita.com, had been reopened.

Since 10/19/01, for several days, in the home page of lita(http://www.lita.com/), a home page which never be related to lita had appeared.

Until then, the home page of lita(http://www.lita.com/) had been set up to transmit to http://www3.alpha-net.ne.jp/users/urara/lita/ through one hosting site(www.zoneedit.com). It is under inquiry now. As it may be a bad home page, please be careful of it. And, a formal home page of lita has the PGP signature of lita.

If this is malicious or a practical joke, it is a crime for Internet. lita lodges a protest with the persons concerned against it.

Now, lita has stop the transmission.

Home page of lita is exhibited also here.


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