(Lotus flower)

A "lotus" makes a beautiful "flower" bloom out of the "dirty mud".

There is nothing that is so suitable as the "lotus" as metaphor of the reason of law of ""-myo hor-(life).

That is to say, ""-ren-(lotus) is "effect",..., ""-ge-(flower) is "cause",..., ""-ren ge-(lotus flower) is ""-inga guji-(cause and effect in same time), "good", "good effect", "delight", "love", "conscience", "paradise", "life", ""-bo dai-(comprehension), "" - -butu kai-(Buddha's circumstances),..., the "dirty mud" in which ""-ren ge- (lotus flower) grows is "evil", "bad effect", "pain", "hate", "bad heart", ""-sya ba-(actual world), "matter", ""-bon now-(earthly desires), "hell",..., then the "" - -ren ge-(lotus flower), the "leaf" and the "stem" is the metaphor which "those don't become dirty" though with the "dirty mud",..., the thing that the "bud" comes out from the "dirty mud", the "leaves" grow, the "" - -ren ge-(lotus flower) blooms, it makes the "seed", it withers in the "dirty mud" is the metaphor which is the "repetition" of the "life" of from the "dirty mud"(hell) to "" - -ren ge-(lotus flower)("" - -butu kai-(Buddha's circumstances)),....

That is, the ""-ren ge-(lotus flower) is the metaphor of "a life at one moment", of "a life(from birth to death)" and of "infinite life", with the "repetition" of from the "hell"(matter) to "" - -butu kai-(Buddha's circumstances).

The person who perceived the figure of the "life" with the "law" by ""-ho ke kyo- is "" - -ten dai- of Chinese Buddha.

But, nowadays the "" - -ten dai syu-(ten dai sect) goes down in China, and in Japan, it is becoming the follower of "" - -shin gon syu-(shin gon sect) with being dazzled by "" - -dai niti nyo ray-(dai niti Buddha) of brilliant Buddha(imaginary Buddha).

Even if how much ""-ren ge-(lotus flower) is seen from in "dirty mud", the beauty never is able to be known.





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