There is surely a purpose in the place to have will, and there is surely will in the place to have a purpose.

Then, will is the attribute of a life.

The basis that "world" is the transfiguration of a life, is in depending on that the purpose is shown in the "".

The purpose of "will to create" is to reach the highest predominance.

The highest predominance is in living in creation of "" -li ta-(altruism) assigning that pain is a trial being in "" -ji hi-(mercy).

The circumstances of the highest predominace is said as the ""-butu kai- (Buddha's circumstances).

That is to say, the purpose of a life is the development of the "" and the "world" of "" to be developed is said as the "" - -butu kokudo-(Buddha's country).

In other words, the purpose of "world" is "".




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