The existence which can't recognize and be recognized is said as ""-kuu-(empty).

The things which exists though it can't recognize and be recognized in each the organ to recognize of each life, or the things which exists as possible figure though it can't recognize and be recognized is said as " "-kuu-(empty). The ""-kuu kan-(viewpoint of the empty) of such as the inquiry of the thing of "one" or of the absolute thing with ""-en gi-(relation) give out the ""-kuu kan-(viewpoint of the empty) that it isn't the being (it can't recognize and be recognized), it isn't nothing (it exists), it is the thing to exist though it isn't both the being and nothing (it is the "").

Therefore, it is impossible to recognize the "", and it is only by the embodying under the condition that the organ to recognize of the life doesn't run (the death).

At that time of the present, because it is impossible to live with the death, the "" with the living can't embody. the embodying of "" by ""-za zen- (sit in the Zen position) or the meditation is nonsense, and the thing to be possible in there is only "" -kuu mo do ki- (Kuu imitation). Than it, it will be sure that the person who came back from the near spot of his death must have undergo the embodying of close to "". However he will not notice that it is close in the "" (as the "" can't recognize and be recognized).

But, even if he embodyed the "" by his death, the "" is the "" in the circumstances of his life at that time, the "" in the ""-ku- (pain) is only " " -ku so no mo no-(pain itself), the "" in "" - -aru yoku-(some greed) is only "" - -yoku so no mo no-(greed itself). In other words, it is the embodying of the "" in each circumstances as each "", the "" itself never be embodied. That is to say, the "" of the circumstances of the highest predominance ()-butu kai- is the highest "".

In other words, the embodying of the "" without purification of attribute of the life is nonsense. Then, the purification of the attribute of the life is done only by "" -li ta-(altruism). It never be able to be done with sitting cross-legged and sleeping. The spot reaching of the "" -ten dai zen-(Zen of Tendai) of the highest peak of the ""-zen-(meditation) is "", too.

Therefore, there is no the Buddha's enlightenment in the embodying of the "", but it is in the thought that how well live, by whatever method, read the people to the circumstances of the highest predominance () of the ultimate purpose of a life. The training into the "" (death) with forgetting "" to have to do now is far from the idea of Buddha so much, turn away from the purpose of a life so much. Must not fail into the trap confusing by a white robe or a surplice(authority in religion). As ""-kuu mo do ki-(kuu imitation) can make even if medicine is used, when you are caught in some bad thing, you are in dander of to not be able to recover from there by yourself with brainwashed yourself.

And, some people say that "" and the meditation are the methods which get the comprehension of Buddha by the way that Buddha had done, but the comprehension of Buddha can't get by "" and the meditation. It is because that the life (human being) with the opportunity to become Buddha by "" and the meditation doesn't need to appear at all as "" of the Buddha's comprehension itself already exists and its all is explained. (Incidentally, the number of the appearance of the life (human being) with the opportunity which the life (human being) can become Buddha by the "" and the meditation is one in 10000 years.) In other words, after the appearance of "", only the life (human being) who can get the comprehension of Buddha only by "" appears. (the number of the life (human being) who can get it by "" is countless.) But if you are in the far star which "" doesn't exist yet, perhaps you may be able to become the one in 10000 years by "" and the meditation.

That is, the training of Buddha's way is not in escape isolated from the actual world, and it is nothing except to show "the way of the independence" concerning with the actual world actively.

"The way of the independence" is "".





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