Buddha expounded a lot of skillful metaphor and temporary teachings in accordance with the opportunity of the people. This is said as the" "-hor ben-(expedient).

Various "" in various sutras have been expounded not to be notice that it is an "". If it is noticed, the "" has no meaning. Exactly, it is like that a doctor makes to believe his cancer patient who is possible always to kill himself when the truth is told him that his illness is "slight stomach ulcer". Then, the doctor tells later his patient that that had been "", when the doctor judges the safety.

In the same way, when Buddha expounds the truth, he tells that the truth() having been made to believe since quite a long time ago is "" in fact. Like that the doctor tells the truth with to tell that it had been a "lie", The sutra which expounds that "" sutra is "" sutra is just the "truth" sutra. Needless to say, against the sutras having been expounded until at that time, against all sutras including the sutras will be expounded in the future, there is nothing sutra which revealed that those all are "" sutras, except for "". Just "" is the true word that was told by the doctor and the true sutra that was expounded by Buddha with the true his philosophy. In many sutras as well, there are some sutras that was expounded with seeing like the highest sutra against all sutras just like, with the word "the highest sutra", "only true sutra", pointing out the sutras which was expounded until at that time, but these are the doctor's skillful "" for making to believe his patient "stomach ulcer". However wonderful "" sutra paints "brilliant Buddha", writes "good wisdom" or "good practice method", they are only the highest sutras in the part of "". Expounding with to hide that it is the part in spite of the part pretending the highest sutra is the skillful Buddha's "" for leading to "" the people with adjusting the opportunity of the people by makeing to believe the part sutra. Moreover, although " "sutra, because it is the important sutra to expound the part in the whole, by all means, it had to be leaved with "" in the future. The appearance of the Buddhism various sects is the skillful Buddha's "", too, in "" -diy jitu kyo- (diy jitu sutra), the age of " "-ta zor tor ji- (meaning of many temples and tower) of appearance many Buddhism sects in the fourth 500 years, in a word, 2000 years after the Buddha's death, and the age of the ruin of the Buddha's"" sutras in next 500 years, is expounded, then in " " -yaku ow bon- of "", the world circulation of "" in the fifth 500 years, in a word, next 500 years of 2000 years, is expounded. (In "", in fact, written"The 500 years after, after the Buddha's death". It is meaning that "the 500 years after the fourth 500 years, after the Buddha's death".)

Furthermore, when we reach the top of ""at last getting lost in the various ideas and others for a long time and look over around from the top, "" doesn't enough set only in the Buddhism. Needless to say for all sutras of the Buddhism, all the ideas, language, color, form, time, space, phenomenon, and so on, all becomes the "" of "".

In other words, the world is the "" of "a life".





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