Although he had learned ""-a mi da kyou-, for having be strong will of a search for truth, he could not believed and accepted the - hou ben kyou-(expedient teachings) with some contradiction, therefore he was hated from those -hou ben kyou- completely being abuse that you are ""-hai syu-(dead seed), and he is "I"-sya ri hotu-. Since he has excellent wisdom, he was conceited and looked down upon the general public as a intellectual elite and shut himself in the mountain, and he is "I"-sya ri hotu-. He gave a blind beggar his eye but he was spit the eye by the beggar being said that this eye Stink!, and he retired from ""-bo satu dou-(way of bosatu), and he is "I"-sya ri hotu-. And he arrived at ""-ho ke kyou- at last, and by ""-ji hi-(mercy) of ""-hotoke-(Buddha), at the beginning of -hou ben bon-, he was called his name, ", ,,, ", as much as on six times, and he understood ""-myou ri-(reason, theory of ) of ""-syo hou jissou- and became -bo satu-, and he could receive -ki betu-(prove becoming Buddha in the future) of ""-hotoke- at last, and he is "I"-sya ri hotu-.

"God"! Why do you create devils?

"God"! Why do you create the tragedy of Holocaust?

"I"-sya ri hotu-, on account of this distrust, was spited from "God", and he killed "God", and he recognized this world as one of "absurdity" which is material mass, and he cursed "God" and hated human, and he shut himself in the mountain and made friends with plants and animals, and he branded human as Cancer of the earth, and the general public is a crowd of ants, and this world existing already follows the law of matter, and however hard human may wriggle, he also becomes ""-mu-(nothing) like the vermin after all, and nevertheless this world doesn't change at all, the likes of human is such as just little dust which exists just by chance and which is transitory in the universe, and he interprets being controled by his greed as "freedom" with Abandonment, Nihility, Hatred and Distrust, and he was living at "now" which was given by matter takeing the place of "God".

"I" who am born from ""-mu-(nothing) and die to ""-mu- is only just moment little fragment in the world which is already existing since ago the existence of "I", and "I" am a child of eternal "God" as a child of "God" eternally, and Socrates, Descartes, Kant and Sartre also was left not to be able to growing up(adult) as a child of eternal "God" eternally.

The "God" said ""I" am you". By this one word of "God", it was cleared up that the relation of both "God" which exists at a distance from "I" eternally and "I" who am a child of the "God" becomes the relation of both the "God" and "I" who will become a grown-up(God)(knowing that "I"itself am an eternal existence) after all as a child of "God" on original meaning. Will there are anything more true than this? Will there are anything more merciful of "God" than this? "God" told the truth at last. It is suprising that a far great "God" is the highest life of the nearest "I"itself who am lowly small.

Originally, in spite of the behavior of good and bad of which "I" who am ""-mu myou-(fundamental ignorance)("" not to clear up to "I") had caused, "I" shifted the blame "God", or Nature, or Fate, or Providence, or Law, or anything big without "I" itself, and "I" bore a grudge, cursed and killed "God", or "I" became a devil and repel, or "I" lived momentary in nihility with abandonment, or "I" interpreted being controled by greed as "freedom", and "I" was living at "now" which was given by matter takeing the place of "God".

This "I"-sya ri hotu-'s joy, the great joy at when this "I"-sya ri hotu- had finally reached at ""-ho ke kyou- and could understand and accept the truth is bigger as much as not to be able to thank enough, and yet "I"-sya ri hotu- give the biggest thanks to ""-ji hi-(mercy) of ""-hotoke-(Buddha) which upgraded "I"-sya ri hotu- who was call ""-hai syu-(dead seed) hateing from ""-hou ben kyou- completely calling the name of "I"-sya ri hotu- as much as on six times until the place to be able to upgrade by oneself. This is the heart of "I"-sya ri hotu- at -hou ben bon-.

Then, "I"-sya ri hotu- swore to ""-hotoke-(Buddha). First, ""I" swore(-sei gan-) to relieve(-do-) countless(-mu hen-) people(life)(-syu jou-)"(-syu jou mu hen sei gan do-). Therefore, "I" swore(-sei gan-) to make full use of clearing up(-dan-(cut)) numberless(-mu suu-) worldly desires(-bon nou-)"(-bon nou mu suu sei gan dan-), and "I" swore(-sei gan-) to know(-chi-) like book innumerable(-mu jin-) truth(-hou mon-)"(-hou mon mu jin sei gan chi-), and "I" swore(-sei gan-) to accomplish(-jou ju-) the highest(-mu jou-) way of Buddha(-butu dou-)"(-butu dou mu jou sei gan jou-).

[-si gu sei gan-(four oaths of -bo satu-)]

""-hotoke- looked at this scene calmly and noded deeply and pated "I" on the head, and ""-hotoke- gave "I"-sya ri hotu- -ki betu-(prove becoming Buddha in the future) of ""-hotoke-. Tears fell out like waterfall, and other -syou mon- and other -syu jou- together sheded tears, and the voice sheding tears of gratitude sounded through the world, and it was registered in life's mind deeply.

The tears of ""-syu jou- of ""-jikkai-, became the sea,

The eternal oath of ""-ryou zen-(-ryou ju sen-), became the mountain,

The earth is a drop of the tears

""-dai ba-, weeping, ""-ten ou myo rai-

"" - - -sya ri hotu-, weeping, "" - - -ke kou nyo rai-

""-sya ri hotu- is a false substitute character of Sanskrit and was translated into ""-shin shi-(body of child), and ""-shin- manifests ""-siki-(color)(body, matter), and ""-si-(child) manifests the heart(mind), and these show the reason of ""-shiki shin hu ni-( and is one), and ""-sya- of ""-sya ri hotu-(translation of -ra ju-(translator of "")) manifests ""-kuu tai-, ""-ri- of "" manifests ""-ke tai-, ""-hutu- of "" manifests ""-chuu tai-, and these show the reason of ""-en yuu no san tai-, ""-isshin soku san shin-. In a word, "I"-sya ri hotu- is the self-conceited reason which keeps not to be able to open "I" of """-issin soku san sin nyorai- (Buddha of one body equal three body) because the reason cannot notice it for its conceit although "I"-sya ri hotu- is ""-issin soku san sin nyorai- originally.

This self-conceited reason looked at animal world of the law of the jungle, and as himself also must be an animal, he had the intention to eat the weak's meat one after another by making full use of his head, and he keeps to destroy the inside and the outside of his body being controled by ""-san doku-(three poisons)(-don-(greed), -jin-(anger), -chi-(crude foolishness)), and at last now he is on the verge of the ruin both himself and others.

For stopping Holocaust and the childish destruction by this crazy reason broken by ""-san doku-(three poisons)(-don-(greed), -jin-(anger), -chi-(crude foolishness)), ""-hotoke- told "I"-sya ri hotu- ""-myou hou ren ge kyou- of ""-ichi dai ji innen-(one big matter of cause and second cause). ""-hotoke- told "I"-sya ri hotu- that ""I" of ""-ichi myou-""-kuu- cleate the ""-sekai-(world) of ""-chi- of ""-kyou- of ""-ji no ichi nen san zen- by ""-katu ryoku-(vitality) of ""-sui-""-ka- of ""-ren ge-""-in en- being based on the ""-kotoba-(words) of ""-tai hou-""-huu-". ""-hotoke- told "I"-sya ri hotu- that "I" and the "world" is the repetition of ""-myou hou ren ge kyou- and """-kuu-(empty), ""-huu-(wind), ""-sui-(water), ""-ka-(fire), ""-chi-(earth)", and ""-hotoke- told "I"-sya ri hotu- that the world is created being based on the ""-hou-(law) which is the interpretation of ""-myo-, and by the interpretation of the highest and the best good, the world of the highest and the best good is created.

That is, if the ""-hou-(law) is the highest, the highest world is created, if the ""-hou-(law) is the lowest, the lowest world is created, and as the contents of the ""-hou-(law), from the absolute truth(law) to the things like the idea or the thought been convinced or the fantasy or the illusion or the superstition or the faith, etc interpreted conveniently as the absolute things, believing in these ""-hou-(law) and depending on these interpretation, the plain thought been convinced creates the world of the plain thought been convinced, the fantasy creates the world of the fantasy, the law of the jungle creates the world of the law of the jungle, the destruction creates the world of the destruction, and as for the "God" not to be able to understand the true character or as for the "truth" not to be able to understand the true character, ""-san doku-(three poisons) which is understand easy comes in the place not to be able to understand and changes place, and the ""-san doku- creates the world of ""-san doku- useing the name of "God" or the name of the "truth" shifting the responsibility.

To the ""-syu jou- getting lost, at each time, at each region, by the time, by the place, by the occasion, ""-hotoke- expounded each ""-hou ben kyou-(expedient teachings) and led the ""-syu jou-, and at last ""-hotoke-(Buddha)(life) expounded ""-mu jou dou- (the highest way)(""-hou-(law, truth) of ""-mu hun betu-(cannot interpret any more in the best good)), and cleared up that the ""-hou-(law) interpreted in the highest and the best good is "Providence" of "God"(life) of the highest and the best good. That is, "God" who expounds about "love" and who does "will" is "life", and "God" which is "Absolute" is ""-hou-(law, truth).

The wish of "life"("-hotoke-) entrusted to the flower of ""-ren ge- becomes the ""-hou-(law) of ""-myou hou ren ge kyou-, and the wish of ""-ren ge- blooms by that "I"-sya ri hotu- believe and accept(-na mu-) this ""-hou-(law) and becomes "I"(-issin soku san sin nyorai-) of ""-nam myou hou ren ge kyou-.





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