Chinese "" - -ten dai-(chi gi) thought about that,

Buddha must first have given a name to his "" - -sa to ri-(comprehension) to explain with it.

And, the "" - -dai moku-(subject) of each sutras must be the name of the "" - -sa to ri-(comprehension) of the sutra, and the contents of the sutra must be the explanations of the ""-sa to ri- (subject).

Then, the "" - -dai moku-(subject) of the best sutra of the explained contents must be the name of the best "" - -sa to ri-(comprehension) of Buddha.

"" - -ten dai-(chi gi) set about the arrangement of the enormous sutras, and chose the principal sutras by the contents, and deduced the generation when it was expounded, and studyed, systematized, classified by the purpose, the contents and others of each sutras.

As the result, the sutra of the best contents is the ""-ho ke kyo- , and it was understood that the "" - -myo hor ren ge kyo- of the "" - -dai moku-(subject) is the name of the best "" - -sa to ri-(comprehension) of Buddha, and he became the Buddha by the embodiment.

Then, first, he showed the meaning contents and the system of the sutras of Buddha in the "" - -go ji hachi kyo-(five times and eight teachings) and others, and made the relations clear with ""-ho ke kyo-, then explained with the contents of "" and the "" - -dai moku-(subject) in the "" - -ho ke mon ku- and the "" - -ho ke gen gi- and others, then in the end, expounded the contents of the "" - -sa to ri-(philosophy) of Buddha and the training method (embodiment method) which was suitable in the age from the theory side of "life".

The name of the training method and the ""- sa to ri-(comprehension) is the "" - -ma ka si kan, ri no ich nen san zen-.





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