(Oryou and Iryou)

Long ago, "father" and his son of the name of ""-o ryou- and ""-i ryou- who wrote a good were in China. "Father" ""-o ryou- respected the religion of his country, and he hated badly the Buddhism introduced from India, and he never copied the sutras and didn't make to copy it to his son ""-i ryou- , too.

On the deathbed of "father" ""-o ryou-, as his "will" to his son ""-i ryou-, "Never copy the sutras of Buddhism, specially ""-ho ke kyou-, if you don't keep this, I will become an evil spirit and will break off your life as a person of undutifulness.", he said this and died with his breaking head bleeding. His son ""-i ryou- didn't know that his "father's" looks of death at this time was the looks to go to hell for the slander of ""-ho ke kyou-, and he didn't watch the sutras far than writing the sutras observing his "father's" "will".

After a long, the king of that time respected Buddhism very much, specially he believed ""-ho ke kyou-. He was looking for the master of calligraphy in his country to make to copy ""-ho ke kyou- for the Buddhism service of his country. The king heared to the reputation of ""-i ryou-, and he ordered him to copy ""-ho ke kyou-.

But, ""-i ryou- told the king circumstances with his "father" ""-o ryou-, and he declined it decisively. The king gave up it saying that it is inevitable as "father's" "will", but he couldn't find the master like ""-i rou- by all means, and once more, he summoned "" - -i ryou- and ordered him it, but ""-i ryou- declined it again. The king made a concession and ordered "" - -i ryou- to copy only the "" - -diy moku-(subject) of eight rolls of ""-ho ke kyou-, but "" - -i ryou- still declined it decisively as his "father's" "will". The king got angry at last and said "Your father is my follower, you shouldn't mix up public and private matters. If you don't agree it, your head will be cut off as a criminal!" So, ""-i ryou- disobeyed his "father's" "will" against his will, and he copied the sixty four characters of ""-diy moku-(subject) in all which are only ""-diy moku-(subject) of eight rolls of ""-ho ke kyou- in this way ", ,,,", and he became a person of the undutifulness.

At the night, ""-i ryou- went to his "father's" tomb and lamented for three days not to eat nothing with the resolution of his death thinking that "I won't able to escape from the responsibility that I disobeyed my "father's" "will", and my "father" must get angry moreover God must get angry, too".

Then, that time, about four a.m. in the three-day midnight over, when he may just die, there was the misty big light over the dark sky, and in it, there was a heavenly being who was with many ""-ken zoku-(related people). ""-i ryou- said "Who are you?". He said "I am your father ""-o ryou-." If he saw well, certainly, his "father's" figure. "Then, did you come to kill me becoming an evil spirit?", ""-i ryou- asked, and his "father" answered "It isn't so". His "father" "" - -o ryou- began to tell him the circumstance until now.

My son ""-i ryou-, listen well! I made a big mistake. You accepted my "will" frankly, and you made an effort to keep it with all your might admirable, but you became the person of the undutifulness by breaking my "will". But, I must appreciate you very much. As that reason, I made a mistake. I didn't make a sure Buddhism fully, and I hated it, and I slanderd ""-ho ke kyou-. Therefore I felt pain very much on my deathbed, and it was pain beyond description, but I went to ""-mu gen ji goku- (infinity hell) still more, and it was pain beyond description any further. It was more pain than the pain that my nail was stripped my finger of, or my neck was cut with the saw, or I let to walk on the fire of charcoal, or I was trapped in the bramble, and so on. It was inevitable though I knew that it was to depend on the slander of ""-ho ke kyou-, and though I thought to want to tell you ""-i ryou- this thing, it was impossible, and I was regreting for many time to leave my "will" you about it on my deathbed. Infinity big pain went on mercilessly, and one time of ""-sya ba-(actual world) was felt like several hundred years, and when I was disgusting myself thinking that how much are there so pain to myself!, on the morning three days ago, one character of ""-myou- of the head of ""-diy moku-(subject) of ""-ho ke kyou- came flying with big white light from far way dark sky of ""-mu gen ji goku-(infinity hell), and it became golden bright Buddha, and it said with big voice "However evil person might be like who shut out all the good of the world, if he once heard ""-diy moku-(subject) of ""-ho ke kyou-, he will surely complete ""-jou butu-(becoming Buddha)". Then, it started raining with large drops of rain and the sound of "Za-" out of the big character of ""-myou-, and therefore the raging flames of ""-mu gen ji goku-(infinity hell) went out all at once, and the hot air changed in the cool breeze, and the ogres threw away their stick which was used to strikes criminals, and they standed there vacantly, and all criminals of ""-mu gen ji goku-(infinity hell) were in a flurry saying "what did the matter begin?". Then, that time, again, one character of ""-hou- came flying from far way dark sky, and the same condition appeared, and next, one character of ""-ren-, and next, ""-ge-, and next, "" - -kyou-, and the big characters of sixty four came flying one after another, and they became golden bright Buddhas of sixty four. As bright Buddhas of sixty four appeared in ""-mu gen ji goku-(infinity hell), it was like that the suns of sixty four existed in the dark sky. The nourishing rain fell from the sky, and many flowers bloomed, and many fruits grew on the earth, and they was given to all criminals of the hell, and it was just like the supreme paradise. "On earth, why did such a thing happen? Why did such a big good appear?" So the criminals of the hell asked the Buddhas, then the Buddhas of sixty four answered "Our golden body are the characters of sixty four of ""-diy moku-(subject) of ""-ho ke kyou- which was written in ""-sya ba-(actual world) by "" - -i ryou- who is son of ""-o ryou- in ""-mu gen ji goku-(infinity hell). The hand of ""-i ryou- is the hand of ""-o ryou-, it is the hand of the other self that ""-o ryou- bore and brought up. The character written by ""-i ryou- is one written by ""-o ryou- who is a criminal of the hell." Then, the criminals of "" - -mu gen ji goku- said "when we were in ""-sya ba-(actual world), we had a wife and some children. If we can come back home, we want to come back home. Even if we think that we want to meet them for once and want to tell them the ""-in en-(cause and second cause) of the ""-ka-(effect) of this pain, when we saw our heavy sin, as our good was very light, it was impossible. As one year, two years, one ""-kou-(long long time), two ""-kou-(long long time) time went by, now, mercifully, we were helped by such a good knowledge. From now, we become ""-ken zoku-(related people) of ""-o ryou-, and we think to try to go to Heaven from this ""-mu gen ji goku-(infinity hell)." And they became ""-ken zoku-(related people) of your "father" ""-o ryou-. From now, I am going to go to Heaven with these many ""-ken zoku-(related people). On the way, I want to tell you ""-i ryou- this thing by all means, and I dropped in here. My son "" - -i ryou-, you copied the ""-diy moku-(subject) of ""-ho ke kyou- as well over the trial to disobey my "will". - From now, receive, have and keep the ""-diy moku-(subject) of ""-ho ke kyou-, and make known it. The ""-diy moku-(subject) is the important main point of ""-ho ke kyou-. If ""-ho ke kyou- is understood, Buddhism is understood, and if Buddhism is understood, a life is understood and the world is understood. This is your "father's" true "will".

After father ""-o ryou- said this, he and his many ""-ken zoku-(related people) became again a light, and they disappeared far way the sky. ""-i ryou- waked up from the darkness of dim his consciousness, and he became the overflowed tears, and he kneeled down with his hands pressed together in front of the tomb of his "father" ""-o ryou-, and his word which is heard faintly like to spring a leak from his wet lips is

"", "",,,
- -nam myou hou ren ge kyou-, -nam myou hou ren ge kyou-,,,

(I heartily chose, believed, accepted, had and keep ""),
(I heartily chose, believed, accepted, had and keep ""),,,





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