(two conveyance)

The "" - -syou mon, en kaku-(person hearing the voice, person perceiving a truth) of the "" - -ni jou-(two conveyance)(intelligentsia) who are the hero in the "" - -syou jou kyou-(small conveyance teachings) are hated mercilessly in the "" - -dai jou kyou-(big conveyance teachings), and it is expounded in all "" - -dai jyou kyou-(big conveyance teachings) except for the "" - -ho ke kyou- that they are impossible the "" - -jou butu-(becoming Buddha), and the impossibility of the "" - -jou butu-(becoming Buddha) of the "" - -ni jou-(two conveyance)(intelligentsia) is said as the ""-hai syu-(ripped seed).

The characteristic and the achievement of the ""-ni jou-(two conveyance) (intelligentsia) are the getting the "" - -syou go-(small philosophy) and the makeing clear up the part of the truth, by the serious search of the truth.

But, they are apt to be attached to the truth of the part, for the reason of their pride, and to become impossible to see the things with the wide view, and to shut themselves up in the tower of ivory and in the mountains, then, because they will see their world only with the form overlooking the bottom from the high spot, they isolate from the actual world, and are apt to look upon the masses as the group of the ants, and their judgment of good and bad changes, and they become not to take notice of other people. The smell of the intelligentsia is the terrible stink more than the extreme evil for the "" - -dai jou kyou-(big conveyance teachings) making the ""-li ta-(altruism) a principle, then they are decide to be the "" - -yow fu jou butu-(impossible become Buddha enternally) and hate thoroughly in the "" - -dai jou kyou- until the appearance of the ""-ho ke kyou-.

The reason that the "" - -jou butu-(becoming Buddha) of the "" - -ni jou-(two conveyance)(intelligentsia) was forgiven in the "" - -ho ke kyo- is because they understood that the true figure of the life including the "" - -ni jou-(two conveyance)(intelligentsia) and the purpose are shown in the ""-ho ke kyo-, and the "" - -syou go-(small philosophy) by "the seach of the truth" that had been the purpose of the ""-ni jou- until that time is nothing but the means to reach "the highest predominance "() - -butu kai-(Buddha's circumstances) which is said as the "" - -dai go-(big philosophy), in other words, it is nothing but the means for the ""-li ta-(altruism) , and they could realize the original position of the "" - -ni jou- with "the spirit of the "" - -li ta-(altruism)" ()-bo satu-.

But, in the ""-ni jou-, there are some "" - -ni jou- who help the destruction of the life showing only the minus side far from the relief to other life, this "" - -ni jou- are said as the "" - -sai ti a ru chiku syou-(intelligent beast). They are the persons with the small love who can love only their few followers or cannot love even themselves, and they use their intelligence for "the destruction of the life and the order"(evil). The crime is much heavier than the churchman who betrays the best, and because the influence to give to the life with the bigotry is bigger, the "" - -ni jou- hates in the "" - -dai jou kyou-(big conveyance teachings) thoroughly.

Moreover, the "" - -ni jou- is one of the attributes of the life as well, and exists in all the life, and it appears more strongly in the life over the human being, and specially, the bad side of the ""-ni jou- is said as the "" - -ni jou kon jou-(bad nature of intelligentsia). It is the bigotry nature which isn't considerate of others life being attached to the "" - -syou go-(small philosophy), for example, as the "" - -syou go-(small philosophy), "The thing being able to trust is only myself.", or "After all, the money is all.", or "Everybody love only themselves.", or "All good is hypocrisy.", or "All the human beings are sly.", or "A mind is the reflection of the matter.", or "The world is made by the recognition of the mind and the substance is nothing.", or "Science makes happiness.", or "Only the reform of the system is possible to make happiness.", or "I am excellent and different from the fool.", or "A reason can control the emotions and the lust.", or "The lie can be justified as the political means.", or "It is natural that the weak becomes the strong's sacrifice.", or "A rich man is great.",or "A person has the defference of the station in life at the time his birth.", or "I don't mind my evil because all persons do evil.", or "I will do nothing because the things is decided since the start(because the things is done like it ought to be done).", or "I won't be pain even if I do evil if I am not caught.", or "If I die, I am nothing.", or "The other world is the world of the soul.", or "I was born by chance.", or "Religion is special.", or "Animals and plants exist for the human being.", or "A good man and a scoundrel are in the world, and only a good man is saved.", or "My crime is nothing if I kill a scoundrel.", or "A certain race is superiority more than a certain race.", and others, because each people are looking the world "believing and interpreting conveniently(rationally) the various "" - -syou go-(small philosophy) until the arrogant "" from the crude and unreasonable "" as their """(religion), they won't understand it stubbornly even if they are pointed out their warpping world, and on the contrary, they repel, are jealous and even do the destruction of other life for it.

The "" - -ho ke kyo- is the sutra expounded specially for this "" - -ni jou- which are attached to their "" - -syou go- with their "good" reason. It is because the "" - -jou butu-(becoming Buddha) of this "" - -ni jou- is one of the most important thing which is connected with the "" - -jou butu- of all the life as well.

"" - -sya li hotu-(the first Buddha's pupil) of the "" - -ni jou- of the first intelligent pupil was excited very much with his great joy when he was received the "" - -ki betu-(showing future) of "" - -jou butu-(becoming Buddha) by Buddha in the "" - -ho ke kou-. The "" - -yow fu jou butu-(impossible to become Buddha eternally) of the ""-ni jou- that have been heard and have been understood throughout from the "" - -syou jou kyou-(small conveyance teachings) to the "" - -dai jou kyou-(big conveyance teachings) by Buddha, in other words, the "" - -yow fu jou butu-(impossible to become Buddha eternally) by the reason of the heavy "" - -syuku go-(karma) of "" - -ni jou-, for this "" - -yow fu jou butu-, when the "" - -sya li hotu- of "" - -ni jou- haveing given up his "" - -jou butu-(becoming Buddha) completely, for the first time, perceived the truth of the life and understood to be able to do the "" - -jou butu- himself as well by the "" - -ho ke kyo- at the end in the end, at that time, his great joy was nothing but the big great joy in the great joy. This joy was not only ""-sya li hotu-, and not only ""-ni jou-, it was the joy of the whole of the life with the reason the "" - -jou butu- of all the life became possible by the "" - -jou butu- of the "" - -ni jou-.

"" - -sya li hotu-, weeping, "" - -ke kou nyo rai-

("" - -sya li hotu- with his tears was received the "" - -ki betu-(showing future) which was shown that he will become the "" - -ke kou nyo rai-(lotus flower's light Buddha) in the future, by his Buddha.)





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