(Idea's order)

An idea surely has the undulation of the predominance by the scale(contents, range and others). In specially, in Buddha's sutras, it is said as the "" - -kyo han-(idea's oder) that the order of the predominance is shown.

A standard is necessary for the order of the predominance.

It is needless to say, the standard has to be based on the standard of the predominance of the life. That is to say, it is the standard which looks upon the relief of all the life which is the highest act as the highest predominance.

Let's try to verify Buddha's sutras and all ideas being based on this standard.

That is, whether the idea is expounded only truth, or only practice, or truth and practice, whether it is how degree in the range, whether it is the part or whole, a "" - -hor ben-(expedient) or a fact, a lie or a truth, whether it is "" - -hor ben-(expedient) in how reason if it is the "", whether what kind of the interpretation holds good for it, it is only law, it is contained the application, whether it is absolute law, or the rules to be near absolute law,,,. Then, if it expounds the relief, first, what is the relief? As the object, whether all is relieved or not, whether the most wicked person is relieved, whether "devil", or "" - -ni jou-( - -syou mon, en kaku-)(intelligentsia), or whether woman is relieved, or the black, or the yellow, or the white, or the indian, or the native, or the animal, or the plant, or the spacelife, or the amoeba, or the matter,,,. Then, whether the basis(truth) and method(practice) are really written clearly, whether the truth and practice can be really convinced or not, and others, let's try to verify it.

If the verification covers only the point, the verification of the small part is unnecessary. Incidentally, the correct "" - -kyo han- of the Buddha's sutras is the "" - -go ji hachi kyo-(five times and eight teathings) of "" - -ten dai- which looks upon "" - -ho ke kyo- as the highest predominance.

As the reason, because the "" - -go ji hachi kyo- is followed the "" - -kyo han- told by Buddha himself which it is expounded in the "" - -ho ke kyo- and others,

and because the "" - -ho ke kyo- satisfys the "all" of the standard.

The object of the relief is "life", and the purpose of the relief is "" - -ji yuu (ji zai)- (freedom (Buddha's freedom)).





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