(Eternal life)

Life has three faces.

A mind side(property), a body side(appearance), a law side(truth).

Though there are much religion and idea which expound the eternity of the mind side(property) of the life, there are few one which expound the eternity of the body side(appearance) of the life. On the other hand, the eternity of the law side(truth) of the life is vouched by the absolute of the law.

In Buddhism, the sutras except "" - -hou ke kyou- are divided the life these the three sides(mind, body, law), and are expounded respectively. In other words, at the mind side(property), the body side(appearance) and the law side(truth) of the life, they are respectively expounded being commited the three ""-nyo ray-(Buddha) (""-hou sin nyo ray-(hou sin Buddha), ""-ou jin nyo ray-(ou jin Buddha), ""-ho sin nyo ray-(ho sin Buddha)) who are the highest life of each life sides(mind, body, law)(for example, in ""-ke gon kyou-(ke gon sutra), Buddha let to talk mainly about the mind side(property) of the life by ""-hou sin nyo ray-). But, in the sutras except "" - -hou ke kyou-, the eternity of the life is told only the mind side and the law side, and the body side("" - -ou jin nyo ray-), namely, the eternity of the actual Buddha(who expounds his sutras in fact, and was born and died in India) isn't revealed.

For the first time, in "" - -hou ke kyou-, the eternity of the actual Buddha's life(who is "" - -ou jin nyo ray-) was revealed, and the three sides of the life(mind, body, law) was fused into a life, and the eternity of a life was truly told.

That is to say, the actual Buddha of as "" - -ou jin nyo ray-, and "" - -hou sin nyo ray- and "" - -ho sin nyo ray- who was expounded by the actual Buddha(""-ou jin nyo ray-) for convenience' sake, is really one thing of the unity, and it was shown that the mind(property), the body(appearance), the law(truth) of a life is eternal as "" - -say may so no mo no-(life itself).

In ""-hou ke kyou-, life was truly decided with the eternity until from the lowest rank(matter) to the highest rank(Buddha) of the life.

This highest condition(predominance) of a life("" - -say may so no mo no-(life itself)) is said as "" - -ichi sin soku san shin nyo ray-(ichi shin equal san shin Buddha).




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