gate03a.exe(site 1), gate03a.exe in windows live(site 2),

(as the PGP SIGNATURE file, gate03aexe.asc(471B),gate03aexe.txt(471B), about PGP, here)

This is a 3D space file.

The way of download

1. "gate03a.exe" is an autorefeezingfile.

2. Please click upper "gate03a.exe" and select "save" on the open-save select window.

3. As it's an autorefeezingfile, double clicking "gate03a.exe" in the save folder, a confirm window of refreezefolder opens(the default refreezefolder is c:\gate03.Another place and name, change ok). On ok, it'll be refeezen, and "open.mus" file will auto-run.

4. In the case of no default, it won't auto-run, then, on the select window, please select "open.mus", or, in the case of the select window no open, refer to "6.".

5. If you want to save the old version, please select the other refreezefolder.(On the default, it had selected other, new version is "c:\gate", old version is "c:\gate03")

6. In the case of no "auto-run", please double click "VHSBVIEW.EXE" in the refreezefolder and select "open.mus", or drag the "open.mus" on the "VHSBVIEW.EXE" in the same refreezefolder. It'll run in a short time.

The following is a normal freezingfile. Please refreeze it by the refreezing soft. As to the running, refer to "6.". 1), 2) in windows live(site 3),

(as the PGP SIGNATURE file, gate03azip.asc(471B), gate03azip.txt(471B), about PGP, here)