Let's demand !

the proof, the result, and the guarantee of the passage after the operation!
To the doctor(small number of American people) who performed an urgent operation to the patient(Iraq) diagnosed as a cancer without the consultation with others, let's demand the certain proof of whether it was actually the cancer of the degree being necessary it, and the result, and the guarantee of the passage after the operation. If the clear answer(proof, result, and guarantee, etc.) is not obtained, let's pursue the responsibility. If the act was the doctor's courageous true "Resolution", to any incorrect "Judgement", he is sure to be able to bear, and if here, the "Justice as human" can not be accomplished by the "right judgment", more and more, the "Justice" is used by the "destruction" of Evil under the name of "Justice". Let's note that the "Justice" of people actually exposed under the bomb (voice) is different (It is not to be able to measure equally) from the "Justice" of people not actually exposed under the bomb. To rich people and no rich people, and to people having arms and people not having arms, the "Justice" running through them is only "Justice as human".







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