Let's look at it in the right light !

If the destruction(the violence) is used as the means, inevitably, the destruction(the violence) is included in the purpose(the effect)!
The invasion of the destruction(the violence) by the crazy reason inevitably gives rise to the end of the destruction(the violence), and the accepting the challenge to the destruction(the violence) of the invasion through the unavoidable circumstances also gives rise to the suitable end of the destruction(the violence)(after, suffer from the destruction(the violence), etc) to the excessive destruction(the violence) which was taken off by being made allowances for the particular circumstances if the act to accept the challenge grows the destruction(the violence) by a crazy reason by going too far. Like that the degree of the punishment and the atonement is decided by the degree of the guilt(this is the law of life(nature), and human creates his law(rule) by learning(applying) from the source), this world is properly moveing following this absolute reasonable law (the matter not to act exists as the condition of ""-kuu- of this law(because the matter doesn't act), the life to act is given the result and the reward of joys and sorrows severally showing the law more to a major degree in proportion to higher act of the life).







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