Prease do it !

the play destruction on that plate of a roast chicken which was put the lid on tight with that big stainless steel bowl !

We often find out so-called Protective Barrier in science fiction. The place where was covered with the Barrier is protected from the destruction of outside, and if we use it at time of the destruction, we, our family and our area will be protected from it. But helping only oneself by that Barrier, if thinking, is not but the worst hell. If the area of the necessary range in certain degree can be protected, we may be able to live by somehow, but this is lower choice, too. If the time is the time of the degree of the fuse in just small range, better the choice is to put the lid on fight the area of the destruction with usual Burriea, saying "Well, do it all your pleases." But, this isn't the best condition. Because, there are many good people being against war and their children and other life. Then, by the way of the fairy tale, at this time, the best method to use this Burriea is that the people of very few numbers who want to do the war, the people who firmly want to destroy human being and other life, the people who make money by setting war and destroying human life, the people who firmly want to test their weapon making themselves, and it is the bad character more than anything else that with the tinware decoration(the pride of the illusion warped by power lust, desire of fame, etc), saying that our country, our race, our religion, our God, our idea, our culture is so big, so great, so strong, they are showed proudly, are bent, are lost sight of their right interpretation, and for the warped tinware decoration, they are ready to make the large destruction by war, and they hurt, drag down, throw a mud to, their country, their race, their religion, their God, their idea, their culture, and they will destroy all them at last, just people like this, toward just warped people like this who are few numbers, we get together them in the middle of the vast desert where seem to able to test a nuclear (if we can do it, we get together them on a star with no life at all) and put in it together their favorite weapon and their tinware decoration and put the lid on tight with the usual Burrier, and if we can say that "Well, do it all our pleases", how convenient and pleasant it is! Though it becomes the low class talk like by whom we are remembered in that ancient Roman colosseum that we take pleasure to see it, well, there is easier, more realistic method than it and there is the best good method which is saved all life. It is that the party concerned or the authors of the plot notice that it is foolish, dishonor, the lowest way of living!






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